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"She really is sweet as a button," Keith assured Ami. "That's genuinely how her personality is. It's just, if you've done something to get her pissed at you, you're basically screwed. And for that to happen, you'd basically have to be some sadistic, relentless, unapologetic criminal who's personally wronged her somehow, so somehow I don't think you'd have anything to worry about." He nodded at Chroma's words. "Like I said- confronting the source of their grudge, probably the biggest moment in a Shuppet or Banette's entire afterlife. He looked visibly curious as Ami mentioned knowing people who were likely to be the target of numerous Shuppet or Banette, but as she seemed unwilling to continue that particular subject, Keith sought to change said subject. "So, Ami- considering we're both able to use Z-Moves, what would you say to a battle?"

"Sanity does have much to do with it," Chuck conceded. "But it's still... how do I put this? It's... overwhelming to the limited senses of the living. The deceased are not bound by the same physical limitations they were in life, and are thus more capable of taking it all in. I will admit, you being a Dark-type would very much help you in there, but it would only help you so much."

"Well, if that's not the role you think is right for you, then find out what is," Dennis gave his advice. "Get your Trainer to teach you more moves, see how you work with them. My guess is you'd probably prefer going all-out and just attacking, right? Dealing lots of damage, that kind of thing?" he asked Butternut.

"I guess, yeah," Anion shrugged. "But you yourself don't have fur, so I think it's still excusable you didn't know, y'know?"

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