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Ami grew a little bit paler as the discussion progressed. 'Wasn't that the sweet-as-a-button one? She tried to kill someone...?"

"Most likely, yeah." To no-one's surprise, Chroma was far more composed about it. "If morals don't make you think think twice about ending someone else's life, the risk of having one of them hound you afterwards might be enough to convince you- even the most nasty-seeming banette reserves their worst for their target, from what I've heard."

"I know of a couple people who probably have an army after them, then..." The younger left it at that, apparently unwilling to continue on the subject.

'Gnivil eht rof elbatiusnu ti si woh...?' The inkay seemed to be genuinely confused- after all, the living were quite the varied bunch. 'Ytinas tuoba s'ti fi...' He flipped himself upside-down here. '...Epyt Krad a ma I!'

'Maybe it did, but I don' exactly like bein' a budget white mage.' Despite his words, Butterbut did feel a little better about himself.

Bell shook his head. 'I appreciate he notion, but I don't feel like it's quite on the same level. Fur is a lot more common than Water Bubbles and chitin shells.' He paused as he realized a potential error in his words. 'Well, that last one might be a little debatable, but my point still stands, I think.'

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