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"I suppose it's a possibility," Keith agreed as Chroma suggested the notion of a Shuppet being unaware of its past until evolution. "But yeah- grudges are a big deal to Shuppet and Banette alike," he stated. "In particular, if a Shuppet or Banette gets the opportunity to confront the source of the grudge that resulted in their rebirth as Shuppet in the first place? Very big deal for them. Helena actually evolved while casting a Curse on the man who killed her."

Chuck seemed initially confused as the Inkay spoke to him, but his grin returned in full force after mere seconds, as he realized the deal with Elenchos's speech. "It's an interesting place, to put it mildly," he said. "Not exactly someplace suitable for the living, though, so if you were hoping for a tour of the place, I'm afraid I must disappoint you. I will say, though, that one can meet all sorts in there, and learn many things. Death, after all, is not the end. In fact, for me, it was only the beginning," grinned the Gengar.

"Yeah, that don't sound like a lot, but everyone's gotta start somewhere," replied Dennis. "And hey, as far as Stewie goes, with that fight, every little bit helped."

"Ah, don't sweat it," grinned Anion. "I mean, I didn't know a thing about your water bubble, right? Don't got one of those myself, now do I? Same idea. No need to apologize."

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