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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Spoiler is cool. Arrowette is kind of obscure, but I guess fits a bit considering she mirrors Artemis a bit and not just the fact that she uses bow and arrow. Traci 13 is almost entirely unknown to me...
I have no idea who Arrowette and Traci 13 are. I just hope Steph does get to bond with Artemis over their jerk criminal dads. ;(

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
I will admit I spent about 10 minutes trying to find out what the spoiler was, only to realise that Spoiler is essentially a Batgirl/Robin, needless to say I felt like a moron haha
Speaking of Batgirl, wonder where Babs is at. They did also reveal an image of some of the original members in stealth gear.

M'gann is mysteriously missing too. Hm...

Sad they confirmed there's no Jason Todd/Red Hood in S3 though. (Although there are plans for S4 and S5.) I was really looking forward to a team-up between him and Arsenal...
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