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Cave Story +
This was a nice treat. I admit the story is a bit on the short side for $30, but it has enough additions to give you more to do after clearing the story. No real complaints in terms of gameplay/story. They're both pretty solid. One neat thing about this game is the option to change your music type. The music is good enough for me to be interested in how the music sounds in the original and the remastered versions of the game.

Splatoon 2
I've always wanted to play Splatoon, but with no Wii U, I had to wait for it to release on a system I'm interested in. I'm having fun with it despite sucking. Admittedly part of my poor ranking is probably due to being stubborn and wanting to use things like Chargers and Blasters. However, I will learn how to use them effectively! Story mode is also fairly entertaining, even if there doesn't seem to be much to the story.
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