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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Missingno. Master: As you ask Maie for both of them to come along, she shrugs and smiles. "No worries, I don't mind at all. I've got some work to catch up on around here anyways." She tosses her Lure Ball and catches it. You notice a fair bit of paper work across the glass cabinet, apparently enough to keep her busy...? "Those boats barely fit two, so get going. Orta Lake waits for no one!" Maie waves you again towards the door in the back, making the choice for you.

As you step into the second room, you're greeted with a simple fishing shack sort of room - most of the floor is water, built on the edge of the lake, and the walls are set with extra fishing poles and one or two minifridges {likely stuffed with bait) sit on the wooden outer edges. You see Jack standing in a small boat untying the ropes to a pole in the building. Maie was definitely right - Jack takes up just about half of it, and there's probably enough room for you and two or three reasonably small Pokemon.

Jack gestures for you to come into the little boat. "Alright man, hop on in. careful now." Jack says, reaching his hand out to help you into the boat. Adventure on your own ship has given you a bit of comfort to travelling in water, but the size difference between the two makes this trip much more shaky. However, Jack takes his seat with his oars, amd smiles reasurringly. "No worries! I'm used to this. We could've taken the bigger one, motor and all, but those kids are having their fun." Jack says to you. and continues, "Well, fishing rods at the ready, right?" Fishing approaches - what will you do?
Though Keith's request did not result in both of them accompanying them, he smiled nevertheless, for it was clear to him that no feelings were hurt in the making of this decision. "Alright, then," he nodded, before turning to follow Jack.

They arrived in the next room, whereupon Meowth tensed up- a vast majority of the floor was not a floor, but was in fact water. And a swimmer Meowth was not. Well, neither was Keith, but he didn't have quite the same aversion to getting wet as Meowth did. Very clearly, this room was right on the lake, and indeed, there were extra fishing rods on the walls, a couple of minifridges very clearly intended for the storage of bait, and even a tiny little boat, into which Jack was currently climbing.

Ignoring the Meowth clinging to his shoulder as though for dear life, Keith walked over to Jack as he gestured for him to do so, and with Jack's help, boarded the tiny little boat. Of course, Keith was no stranger to boat travel, but the tiny little vessel they were currently aboard was a great deal smaller than the Banette's Revenge. There was even room in the boat for Meowth and Aster, but beyond that, Keith could see room for maybe one more Pokémon, and even then, not a large one by any stretch of the imagination. Even so, Meowth kept clinging to Keith's shoulder, though Aster had no problem making herself comfortable in the boat (though she still remained as close to Keith as she possibly could without him running afoul of her spikes).

Keith nodded and smiled back as Jack gave him a reassuring smile. "Right," he replied as Jack prompted him to get his Fishing Rod ready. Indeed, that's just what Keith did- he produced his Fishing Rod from his backpack, ready to start using it for the very first time. He was as ready as he'd ever be, and awaited Jack's instructions that would help him make good use of this Fishing Rod for the first time.

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