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"I see..." Chroma mumbled as Keith and Chuck explained the past lives of the various specters that dwelled in the (former) Poisonous Paradise. "I guess it could be possible that a shuppet could be reborn clueless of its past, only to have it pop up in their minds upon evolution. Banette are far better known for their grudges than shuppet are, after all." She thought better than to ask Chuck about the Spirit World- she may have passed through it a few times, but it was always with her father's dusknoir and was never allowed to actually glimpse it- it was well known that doing so could cause madness if one wasn't careful about it, to say the least.

Not everyone was quite so reserved about the subject, of course. 'Ekil ti saw tahw, os?' Elen asked the gengar, earning a slightly exasperated chuckle from his trainer. Did Chuck even understand him?

'Hmm, dat is a point. Well, all o' my experience so far is from bein' beat by that dang squid o'er there or from bein' a small part o' takin' down that Stewie freak.'
Butternut thought back to that particular battle. 'And I do mean small!'

The dewpider looked like he was mentally kicking himself. 'Of course it was the fur! How silly of me!' He took a couple seconds to calm back down. 'Sorry, I tend to forget about that stuff, since I don't really have it myself. Guess it's just another weird thing about me, huh?'

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