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Patches was running so fast that she didn’t even manage to completely stop when she reached the door to the Hatchery. She pushed the door open but the door was a bit slower than she was so she partially ran into it which caused her to trip and stumble once she was inside. Next thing she knew she had completely fallen onto the floor, but this wasn't about to stop her! She does a very awkward speed crawl while also making her way back onto her feet as she makes her way toward the front desk as fast as she can manage. Her Pikachu, Mio, was already waiting on the counter, ignoring her trainers fumbling entrance. Once Patches reaches the counter she puts her hands on it in order to stabilize herself. “Hello! I dropped an egg off last week and I think today is the day it was supposed to hatch! Please tell me it did!!!”

Hatching my Enigma Egg!
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