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"Well, in my experience, each ghost seems to take things pretty differently," Keith shrugged. "Peeves had no memory of his former life at first. Those memories came to him later on, though that's likely for the best- his past life was... not pleasant, to say the least." He shook his head. "If he'd remembered the kind of bully he was in life right away, he might have kept on being like that, but not remembering his past gave him a chance to start anew, and by the time he remembered what he'd been, he had something he never had before- a conscience." Keith smiled at this. "Chuck, on the other hand, he remembered everything, though it actually took him about, what, eight years, you said?"

"Somewhere thereabouts," grinned the Gengar. "I elected to roam the spirit world for a while, learning all manner of secrets as I went. I died as a young, naive Machop, underling of aforementioned bully, and came back as a wiser and more experienced Gastly."

"Liliana's in the same boat as Peeves, minus the horrible past life," Keith added. "She was still owned by Marion when she learned of her past, though. Apparently she used to be an Umbreon, so she and my own Umbreon actually get along pretty well. And knowing my Umbreon, that's saying something. And Myrtle and Helena- well, they remembered every detail of their past life pretty well right from the start. I'd imagine they'd have to, considering their respective grudges are what caused them to be reborn as Shuppet in the first place. But yeah- Shuppet are just as different as people as far as how you handle them," he nodded. "It took Myrtle a while to trust me enough to tell me about her past life, while Helena's reluctance to talk about it was more due to her not wanting to burden me with hr problems. But yeah- I wouldn't trade either of those Banette for anything," Keith smiled. "When they were alive? Myrtle was a Missingno. The very Missingno. who had saved my life when I was seven years old. And Helena? She's my sister."

"Why do you say that?" Dennis asked. "Kyle- that's the Heatmor- he was able to win those battles because he'd had a lot of experience. Not just with battling, but also trying to survive in Mt. Aduro. You get going with your training, toughen yourself up, get yourself a lot of experience, there's no reason you couldn't win against opponents like that someday. Hey, if a Weedle can become one of my Trainer's strongest Pokémon without ever evolving, there ain't no reason you couldn't become strong, am I right?"

"Well, yeah, there's that, but it's not even that," Anion frowned. "I just... I dunno, I just hate how my fur feels when it gets wet. I mean, getting wet doesn't even bother the other Electric-type on the team. And he's a Stunfisk, so he's even weak to Water!"

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