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"Yeah, knowing Ghost pokemon has been helpful in determining whether a period of weakness is from sickness or a curse..." Chroma shook her head slightly. "But I've only gotten to know Ghosts that have already accepted their new selves a long while beforehand and moved on from there. I don't know how to deal with newly reincarnated ones, to be honest..."

'A mighty dragon an' a beast o' legend...'
the younger Grass Type was in awe once again. 'If dis guy can win such impossible battles, then I don' stand a chance against 'em at all!'

'Really? But you're not...' Bell's words trailed off for a moment as he tried to understand why she wouldn't be fond water. 'Hmm, you are an Electric Type, right? Even I know that water and electricity don't usually blend well...'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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