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"Oh, definitely," Keith smiled as Ami stated that Keith got lucky with his Banette. Then, the subject turned to the fate of his Secret Base, which Chroma was quick to answer. "Yeah, it's a pretty long story," Keith nodded.

"Well, they certainly sound interesting," Chuck murmured upon Chroma explaining about her parents. "And a little knowledge about Ghost-types is by no means a bad thing, so it sounds as though this worked out well, at least as far as I can see."

"Oh- Heatmor are Fire-types," Dennis explained. "Their bodies are red and yellow striped, kinda, and their heads are this beige color. They got these long, narrow mouths, and their tongues are made out of fire. They got sharp claws, and their tails look like pipes- they take in air through them to fuel their fire. They're pretty powerful, too, or at least Keith's Heatmor is. First I ever saw of him was him battling Norbert, and he's a full-grown Haxorus. And he won."

"Oh, cool," grinned Anion. "Yeah, I'd say you got the better deal. I mean, who would even try to hit you with a Water move? You resist 'em anyway!" she chuckled. "Me, though, I wouldn't mind being immune to getting wet," she added. "I really don't like getting wet. Like, at all."

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