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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs

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A place where sin is rampant. The sin of Greed. Money changes hands freely here, although mostly from the hands of the players into the hands of the owners. The Casino, which has acted as a focal point for wealth all over the world, was completely suspicious and yet, until now, no one had discovered its secrets. It was like a living singularity; a place outside the normal, where it seems that things were being rewritten. A place that shuns outsiders who do not respect the notion of Greed. One can simply not be virtuous of heart and survive here. Either you would be driven out or be consumed by greed, by lust, by covetousness. Will you be able to keep your wits here as you traverse its halls, or will the Casino's power envelope you as well?

As your small group moves downstairs, it seems that you've evaded detection, for now. What seems to be a bigger issue is that when you come downstairs, it seems that the lower floor of the Casino is far bigger than any of you realized. You come out to a hallway that seems to stretch out forever, with a number of completely undescript doors on either side. None of them are labeled, leaving you all completely confused as to how anyone is able to find there way around here. A look ahead reveals there is an intersection where another hallway crosses the one you are in, but there is no telling what is in that hallway, nor how big it is. You may have potentially walked into something as large and as complex as a labyrinth. Truly things had to be simpler than they appeared to be, right? How else would the Casino even function? Your minds fill up with questions, but there definitely seem to be a few obvious facts. If there is anyone down here, they don't seem to be moving too much in the part of the Casino you're in, and there aren't any security cameras either. The doors look like they could be opened rather easily as well, even if they are locked. The place is also impeccably clean: if you were looking for any stolen goods, cash, or Pokemon now, you'd be sure to come up empty.

Nobody in your group seems to be in any abnormal state. What will you do?
Doors. There were an awful lot of doors, absolutely none of which were labeled or given any kind of visual distinction otherwise. And was that an intersection up ahead? Surely, there'd be more of those down here- Ami was almost willing to bet that there were more crossways like that down here to make tis layer of sin as confusing and frustrating to get through for the uninitiated as possible. Heck, many of the doors were probably duds, empty rooms set up to alert security that there was someone poking around- they certainly weren't set aside for private gaming, seeing as they weren't numbered at all.

Five other people were gathered here, looking around as if they were having similar thoughts about this peculiar predicament. The sixth one, almost a giant of a man, was far less enthralled by the scenario. In fact, he already knew what one of the rooms was somehow, and was quick to reveal himself as a raider like her. It was certainly a gutsy move on his part, seeing as any one of them could be a plant set on uncovering any would-be plots among the visitors, but... if they were all here for the same reason, shutting security down all the way was probably for the best. She gave a small nod of acknowledgement just before he turned away. The risk was probably worth the reward, right?

It was time to stop being so passive with her woobat's echolocation at last. A good paint job may have been able to fool the eyes, but it would take an awful lot of the stuff the disguise how the original materials absorbed and reflected sound differently from each other, and an increased number of paint layers would be a giveaway that something was amiss with that door as well. "Alright, Nadie, scan every nook and cranny we pass. If any of the doors, walls, or anything else comes back at a different frequency than anything else, fly over and Stamp it with a little Heart and move on- we'll need that information for later, I believe."

Now that she's whispered her orders, she started to walk towards the intersection. It was unlikely that she'
d be of much good if she stayed at the base of the stairwell, after all...

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