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Both girls listened carefully as Keith described his banette, though Ami was the first to speak up when he was done. "Sounds like you got really lucky with them, huh? But, what happened to your Base?"

"A freak storm, a big red button, and a ledian with a superiority complex, to give the short version," Chroma quickly answered- it was probably for the best if they didn't dwell on that particular subject quite yet. Thankfully, their visitor had posed another question to change the subject with. "Well, you tend to live a lot about them when you spend much of your childhood in or near graveyards... My parents aren't exactly the most sane people around."

'Er, I actually didn' know about the face plate...' Butternut admitted. 'But tha' sounds like a very close call! But, uhh, what exac'ly is a heatmor?'

'Well, mine's very Fire-resistant and helps my Water attacks hit harder,' Bell explained. 'The information box says that a rare few of us can Absorb Water from other pokemons' attacks, but I think they got the worse deal that way!'

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