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*Really should've put in a TA for RL stuff. Next round won't take 20 day to get to I promise.* Anyways lets get this round underway.

Dewpider does its best to hit the owl with a Scalding blast from a super-soaker. Nott is apparently not a large fan of portable hot springs being thrown at her and nimbly swoops down and around the beam of water. Flying like a well aimed arrow the bird smashes into Glyde for some serious damage. On her way back into the sky she is hit by the second stream of Scalding water from Glyde. Wheeling about in a furious rage from the unwanted bath Nott gathers a harsh cloak of energy about her before dive bombing the spider once again. This crazy Attack from the Sky makes quiet the splash in the pond, but Nott isn't done yet as she circles around once again covered from beak to claw in energy. Glyde stares up into the eyes of a bird, an angry bird. As the waters calm down and the waves from the impact subside Glyde can be seen washed up on the shore of the pond knocked out cold.

GLYDE is unable to battle next Pokemon please Brave.

Nott is feeling tired from the three mover.
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