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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Meredith’s mother couldn’t believe her ears. “How dare you! I’m the head of the PTA and not only is Meredith a straight A student she is also the prettiest and most popular girl in the class.” You notice the teacher roll her eyes and that the students have also began to mumble amongst themselves. That’s when Axel jumps into the fight on his own after feeling your emotions and he successfully Teleports in front of Duchess’ attack and connects with a Drain Punch! Since Duchess was in the middle of a Tackle the two attacks collide, the force of them connecting causes both Pokemon to tumble away from each other a bit but not by too much. Axel looks to still be in great shape, seems like any damage he may have taken from that collision was mostly replenished from his attack. The teacher takes this opportunity to return her Turtwig. “Sorry but I will not be battling one of my student’s parents.” Now that the Turtwig is gone, the Furfrou just stands there looking back at her owner. Sure, she didn’t like being attacked by Axel but she was only told to battle the Turtwig so she is paying Axel no mind for now. That’s when you give Axel encouragement followed by letting Peach know it’s time to attack that Minccino. “You are a very unladylike, violent woman. Duchess, that turtle wasn’t worth your time anyway. Take care of that pink Abra now.” She can’t be bothered to give her Pokemon any actual strategy and leaves it all up to her Furfrou before turning her attention to you once again. “Once Duchess defeats your Pokemon, you will allow me to purchase that one.” She keeps eye contact with you as she points to your bag.

Meanwhile, Peach begins to shroud her entire body in electricity. You can hear it crackle as little electrical sparks pop around her as she lowers her head preparing herself for this double attack combo. She begins to charge in, Minccino did not have time to get its attack off before being hit by the Headbutt/Volt Tackle combo and it rolls back a few feet before regaining its bearings. Doesn’t seem like this attack managed to paralyze it but it is really out of breath at this point. (Peach gains 1 level) After taking a moment to catch its breath the Minccino runs up to Peach and Pounds on her head with its tail. Upon contact, Minccino feels is a little static run up its tail and through its body. After the attack Minccino stands there looking a bit uncomfortable, seems this time it actually was effected by some sort of paralysis.

While that’s going on, Duchess prepares herself to battle Axel since she now has permission to do so. It seems like she doesn’t mind playing dirty either because the first thing she does is hurl a Sand Attack right at Axel’s face. He wasn’t prepared for the sudden attack so the sand hit him directly and as he stood there trying to quickly brush the sand off of his face the next thing he knows he is Tackled and knocked over. That is followed by a bunch of students making a “ooOOoo” sound.

The entire time all of this battling is happening, the Wishiwashi has continued to just flop in place, not bothering to attack or do anything really. Maybe it is also enjoying the show. His time of being ignored comes to an abrupt end when a little boy sees him and runs across the battle area, thankfully not getting himself hurt, and attempts to grab the little fish in his hands. The flopping is too quick for the boy and even when he does seem to come close to grabbing the Wishiwashi, it just seems to slip right out of his hands. Three of the other students notice what the boy is doing and decide to make a game out of it, to see which one of them can successfully hold the Wishiwashi first. So far, it is still choosing not to attack. What will you do?
At the parent's rejection, Alice audibly snorted and laughed. "I'm more ladylike than you, and to be honest, at least I'm not delusional." She shot back without missing a beat. What did pull her focus, however, was that a child had run across the battlefield. This whole thing was a shambles, and while Alice obviously had a better opinion of the teacher than psychotic mother, Alice was honestly feeling that this was a mess. They both needed to get their shit together.

"Can we control the children, please? Before they get their limbs ripped off and criminal records for theft and whatever else they get up to out of your attention?!" The blonde demanded, one hand pointing to the trio of boys playing with Wishiwashi. Had they not noticed it hanging onto Peach? Seriously. By now, Axel was on the ground - but hardly out - and her mouse was looking better than the other. Maybe she even looked tougher than before! Right.

"Sorry, Axel, my bad. But we've got this." The trainer assured, and it was true. As long as they stayed in sync, the psychic could depend on her own thoughts, feelings and vision. Sand in the eyes of a Pokemon that rarely opened them was hardly a deal breaker. Again, commanding without her words, the Pokemon also seemed to be acting of its own accord-- it wasn't. It was just better to hide strategy. The creature launched into a double barrage of fire punch, Alice smugly knowing that singed fur would upset the owner, and with an order to use 'blow back' if the Furfrou tried to fight back in any way-- preferably into a tree or something that might hurt. Indeed, she was a violent woman.

"Now, Peaches," Alice started, noticing that the Miniccino was stunned. That had given her time, at least, to get back into gear. "Use mud slap!" It was a purposefully weak attack, and it became obvious why when Alice produced a Poke Ball. Waiting for her Pokemon to get out of the way, she took aim and threw it, figuring it would be an easy capture and a good way of ensuring that none of the dumb kids or questionable adults troubled it after. Little shits.
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