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Round Three: Best Get Some Dirt On the Opposition!

Things are getting intense, but neither side is showing any sign of backing down! Opening this round The Mountain hurries to launch an offensive against his opponent in the form of a noxious Venoshock. Willow similarly braces herself only moments before withdrawing into her shell, beating the opposition just seconds to the punch with a high-pressure blast of staid Muddy Water. The direct super-effective hit rattles the Poison type but good, forcing him back several paces and struggling to loosen fresh debris from his eyes.

The Mountain cries aloud as he claws at the grime and shirks at the pain from his burned limb. A true fighter through and through however, witness how this fine Nidoran does not dwell upon his latest infirmity! The Poison type reigns in further plaints and uses his other senses to pinpoint the Tiny Turtle's location. Not a moment later, blue Shock Waves discharge through the air. Try as she might, Willow finds out the hard way there is no protecting oneself against a high-voltage high-speed maneuver so late into a round. The Water type shirks from the blow before shuddering at the sensation of toxins coursing through her system.

This round has seen both combatants on the receiving end of super-effective hits. The Mountain is in only marginally better shape than Willow, though each sits at about the halfway mark. It seems the former can manage about one more Shock Wave before his Electric energy is out. Oh, and if you ask me, I'd say our contenders could benefit from a breather next round.

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