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Elevator (Patches, TKF, Brave Saix, PikaGod) – A pair of elevators bear the responsibility of ferrying trainers and Pokemon from one floor to the next. Though fairly spacious, the space is rather unremarkable – the walls and ceiling are mirrored if you need to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

Available floors are BF, P1F, 1F, P2F, 2F, P3F, 3F and ROOF. There are also buttons for Open Door, Close Door and an EMERGENCY STOP button.

Jayson, who attempts to order Odysseus to disrupt the surveillance camera, is... well, caught on the surveillance camera the moment the disruptions become apparent. He's cut off by the sudden appearance of a rather stern-looking Alakazam in a Jirachi's Casino hat, who teleports in out of seemingly nowhere. Soon, Jayson experiences the feeling of his own body being made ethereal – being removed from this very plane of existence – only to reappear back in the lobby with his Magnemite. The guards have their eye on Jayson and Odysseus. Even so, the risk is not completely without reward – Lift 1 surveillance camera is Out of Order. Also, the preliminary trace reveals to Magnemite that the surveillance system is being controlled on a floor beneath the lobby. Odysseus, though visibly shaken, is stronger for the experience. Odysseus gains 1 level.

Sypher doesn't fare much better in the other lift – though his attempt at using the “EMERGENCY STOP” button does, indeed, stop the elevator between floors, it also encourages a ghostly Gengar Guard (a GenGuard?) to float through the walls and investigate the lift, grinning wide as he smashes the “2F” button hard in response to the supposed “emergency”. Though Jill is able to fly through a rather promising looking vent between 2F and P3F, her trainer plummets in the elevator with the cackling guard – though only a short distance, the jostling motion is thoroughly disorienting – though not nearly as bad as being unceremoniously thrown out of the elevator back into the lobby by an insane Gengar. The guards have their eye on Sypher. She will likely fly back some time later to give a full report to Sypher – if she can find him.

Melody, who is third to the elevator, tries to close the door as soon as she enters the space – only to find that the button is jammed. A throng of tourists enter the elevator – but given the presence of the guards, being surrounded by the din of other people works as a sort of camouflage. The throng is followed by the eager Patches, who presses every single button in the elevator... including the Emergency Stop. Both the Alakazam and the Gengar end up in the lift with Patches and Melody, rolling their eyes. Seems like the elevator attracts all the troublemakers... They seem to debate unceremoniously throwing Patches out, but decide to simply keep their eyes on her. She may serve as a temporary distraction... Though the lift she has boarded (Lift 2) still has an operating surveillance camera.
It took all of Melody’s energy not to roll her eyes so hard that she went blind. First she hadn’t been able to close the door in time, which she could deal with, but then a friggin crowd decided to pretty much stampede into the elevator as well. So much for goddamn covert missions, but at least there was a silver lining to the situation. It would definitely be easier to blend into the crowd, even when you looked as absolutely stunning as Melody did. And then an idiot happened. Some stupid woman hit all the buttons in the elevator. Including the emergency stop button. Like Melody had already deduced, the woman must have been an idiot. A thought that was amplified when two goddamn guard pokemon, an Alakazam and Gengar, decided to join the party. The moment they entered the elevator, Silk started to tense up, the hair on her legs tickling Melody’s neck a little bit.

Great not only did Melody have to deal with a whole lot of crap atm, but now she had to completely resist the urge to start laughing in the middle of a crowded elevator. Melody wanted to internally scream, but since there was a probably telepathic pokemon in the elevator with her, she tried her damn hardest not to do so. With her plans going somewhat awry, that was probably the nicest way to put it, Melody had to try and change up her plan a little bit. She would need to blend into the crowd when they leave. Melody was interested in getting off on the P2F or 3F, just as long as a group of people also were getting off on the same floor.
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