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"Oh, wow, didn't know that," Keith remarked as Chroma explained that Dusknoir and Chandelure had quite different ideas regarding the handling of lost spirits. "Don't think I'll be going after a Litwick any time soon, then." He then turned to Ami as she asked how raising two Banette was working for him. "Pretty well, actually," Keith replied. "Banette have a bit of an ominous reputation, particularly in this region and especially since 2012, but in recent years I've come to have a real appreciation for Shuppet and Banette. One of them, her name is Myrtle, and she's about what many people would expect from a Banette- creepy, a bit ill-tempered, that sort of thing. She'd never admit it, though, but she's really sweet and kindhearted on the inside. Actually one of my most loyal Pokémon. And the other one, her name's Helena. Easy to tell her apart from Myrtle, as she has blue eyes instead of red. And even if there wasn't that, there's also their personalities. Helena's also sweet and kindhearted- the difference is, she openly shows this side of herself to others. She actually ran a Pokémon Center inside my Secret Base... well, back when it was still standing," he added. "But yeah- we're actually building her a proper Pokémon Center within easy walking distance of what'll be my new base," Keith grinned.

Chuck looked at Chroma. "You seem to really know your Ghost-types," he remarked.

"Yeah, Keith leads a pretty exciting life," nodded Dennis. "The story behind that Heatran's a pretty cool one. Long story, though. Basically, he goes to visit Aduro Island, finds out that Heatran's got it in for any Pokémon it didn't deem worthy to live in the volcano, which included, like, the last five or six Heatmor on the island. Keith gets outraged by this, and decides to do everything he can to save the Heatmor. So he works together with the leader of the Heatmor pack, they end up fighting Heatran itself, and Keith's using his Weezing, and the Heatmor leader's teaming up with them. Apparently- you know how Heatran's got this big steel plate for a forehead? Apparently, once Heatmor's Lick landed on that plate and paralyzed Heatran, Keith realized there must've been a weak spot on there, and started blasting it with attacks. It almost didn't work- Heatran was making one last attempt to kill 'em, the Weezing's still recharging from Hyper Beam, and Heatmor was knocked out by this point, but Keith also had his Hariyama out, and she landed the final blow with Focus Blast."

Chromium nodded in agreement with Bell, saying nothing more as she continued to consume her own food.

"Ah, yeah, that'd be a problem, wouldn't it?" Anion nodded as Bell responded to her question. "So, it lets you breathe on land, yeah? Does it give you any cool powers or anything besides the breathing thing?" she asked.

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