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"Oh, good!" Chroma looked genuinely relieved that Keith didn't have a chandelure. "Those two species tend to have very different ideas on how to handle lost spirits, and well... it's rarely pretty when they meet. Almost made Mt. Pyre resemble its namesake a couple times..." She paused for effect. "The weird part is, dusclops and lampent tend to be just fine with each other. It's once they've both reached that last evolution that things get hairy- er, that's not quite the right adjective there..."

Ami shook her head at the older girl's rant and waited for a chance to speak up. "So, two banette, huh? How's that working out for you?"

'Wait, kill? As in, no longer breathin'?' Butternut gave Keith an awed glance. 'Man, the most excitin' thing I think mah human's done is deal with dat guy's evil ladybug!'

'No offence taken!' Bell's mood had definitely gotten better as he started to nibble on his not-quite-stir-fry-anymore packets. 'It would be rude to force it on someone, right?' He tilted his head in response to Anion's latest question, contemplating how best to answer it. 'I guess I could, but... then I'd have to remake it when I come back on land, and that would take a while to do...'

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