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"Oh, cool," Keith smiled as he was told where he could access a PC. But before that, the conversation on Z-Moves continued. "Heh, I dunno about master," he chuckled modestly.

"Well, I do," Meowth chimed in. "If youse can name a Poison-type, odds are dis guy owns either it or its evolved form.

Chroma then spoke up on one of the minor details Keith had mentioned, that being the fact that he had more than one Dusknoir. "Yeah, one of them, his name's Peeves, I raised him from a Duskull I hatched years ago," Keith replied. "The other one, Liliana, the one who knows Gunk Shot, a friend of mine actually raised her- Marion of the Elite Four- and she traded Liliana to me, since she and Peeves are in love, and she figured she'd be happier on my team." He listened as Chroma asked whether he had a Chandelure. "Nope," Keith shook his head. "I mean, I haven't ruled out the idea of raising one- Fire-types interest me as well, considering I grew up in Lavaridge Town- but I've never so much as owned a Litwick. I do have two Banette as well, though," he added.

"Could be," nodded Dennis as Butternut speculated that Pomona could have been an infant. "Though Chuck over there, he's got an idea about all this- he thinks that if Pomona's really from the future, that it could've been the work of Celebi. You know the legend, right, that Celebi can leave behind an Egg it brought from the future? I mean, I dunno if that's at all likely, but then, my Trainer did manage to save an island's Heatmor population by killing a giant Heatran who was terrorizing the local volcano, so I guess anything's possible."

"Glad I could help," Anion grinned.

"Good," Chromium stated as Bell told her he'd already gotten his answer. "No offense to you, but I have no intention of trying that stuff. This food's perfectly good the way it is."

"So, you need that bubble to breath, huh?" Anion asked. "So, what, if you go underwater, you could breathe just fine without that?" she asked curiously.


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