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"Oh, we do have one!" Ami exclaimed excitedly. "It's just in the battle room. ...We should probably get another one and put it in an easier to access location..."

"Oh, definitely! I call dibs on decorating it!"

The younger sister rolled her eyes as Keith went on to explain that the vast majority of his team was fully capable of using his Z-Move, Acid Downpour (which sounded a lot more painful than hers did). "Huh, I guess they don't call you a Poison Master for nothing..."

Chroma had a completely different reaction to the list of acid-pool creators. "Wait, one of? You have two dusknoir?! Geez, you have a really low chance of being surrounded by lost spirits!" She took a deep breath and calmed herself. "You don't have a chandelure, I take it?"

'Traveled as an egg, huh?' the pumpkasaur asked thoughtfully. 'Perhaps it was when she was an infant? I don' remember when I hatched, at least... Either way, she'd've been pretty small when it happened!'

The Water Bubble Pokemon released his held breath(?) in relief. 'So I'm not actually missing anything? Thank goodness for that!' He nodded to Chromium. 'It's okay, I've already got my answer!'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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