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"Well, I mean, if I could access a PC, I'd be happy to bring Aster here so you could get to meet her," Keith offered. He nodded as Ami explained that it wasn't just Bell that could use Savage Spin-Out (apparently what the Bug-type Z-Move was called), but also her Woobat. "I believe it," Keith nodded. "I'm guessing your Woobat knows Signal Beam or something? Any attacking move that matches the type is enough for a Pokémon to be able to use a Z-Move, from what I've been able to learn. Since a good chunk of my Pokémon are Poison-types, naturally they all can use Acid Downpour," he added with a proud grin. "But it's not just them, not by a long shot. I teach Poison moves to as many of my Pokémon as possible. My Mightyena, both of my Banette, Meowth here, one of my Dusknoir, even Anion over there, they all got Poison-type moves that can become Acid Downpour. In fact, teaching Gunk Shot to my Umbreon is pretty high up on my to-do list, too- she's wanted some good Poison moves for a while. I swear, if there was a Poison-type Eeveelution, she'd have wanted to become that instead- she's a Poison-type at heart."

"Oh, you bet," Dennis nodded. "Keith's been all over this region, and he's got a lot done. Dunno if he ever done any time traveling, though he seemed just as surprised by it as I was... I dunno, the world's got a lot of weird stuff what can happen," shrugged the Venusaur. "Maybe she really is from the future, though if that's the case, had to have been when she was still in the Egg, because she's just as stumped as we are."

Anion thoroughly surprised Bell with the enthusiasm with which she dove into the subject at hand. The Minun smiled, grabbed the small selection of silk-surrounded stir fry, and popped it into her mouth. "Mmmph," she murmured as she chewed. "Different texture, that's for damn sure," she remarked thoughtfully as she swallowed it. "Kinda... sorta tastes the same? The silk doesn't really taste like much of anything, at least not to me... Yo, Chromium, why don't you try it, tell me what you think?" she asked the Smeargle.

"Pass," Chromium replied almost immediately. "If I want to chew on sticky strings, I'll talk to Cotton about it, at least that'll actually taste sweet." For some reason, a bit of red could be seen on her face at this, and she looked away in response to the sly smirk Anion was giving her.

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