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"Aw, I was hoping to meet another child of the Springtime Pyukumuku!" Ami's disappointment was pretty short-lived. "I understand part of why you didn't bring them, though." Keith's questioning about her abilities with the Z-Ring was likewise understandable, but still kinda stung. "Of course! Bell- that's my dewpider, by the way- isn't the only one of my pokemon who can use Savage Spin-out, either. My woobat's capable of unleashing it despite not being to produce silk normally!"

'Yer, right, dat is weird.' Butternut shook his head. 'Yer trainer does get aroun' a lot, right? Seen a lot o' what this world's hidin'? If dat's da case, she might just be!'

'I, uhm, wha?' Bell certainly hadn't expected the minun jump into the topic headfirst. 'Um, alright. I hope I don't ruin it for you, at least.' He quickly wrapped a small portion of her food and carefully separated it from the rest. 'There you go!' He stepped back, waiting to see Anion's reaction.

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