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La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs


You concoct a plan to both assert dominance, and get under the drunkard's skin. The Mawile obeys your orders, taking the Pangoro's paw in his own with a grip suiting of a Steel-type such as himself; it's firm, too much so, but the Pangoro is a big girl and she squeezes back tightly, with enough for to break brick. She doesn't mean to hurt him, of course, she just doesn't know her own strength; the two are now locked in a vicious hand-holding, neither of which are willing to let go for very different reasons. Mawile looks a little uncomfortable with this turn of events, but he is both a consumate gentleman and eternally dutiful, and gives his new suitor a wink and a nudge before blowing her a sweet kiss, which loats up to her on winds as delicate and innocent as the wings of faeries. When it strikes her, she seems to recoil, the gesture burning her skin for some reason, but a lifetime spent weathering her body to fighting and some dark inclinations leave her perhaps a bit enticed by the strange, slightly painful experience. She leers down at him, intrigued, which catches him off guard and renders him momentarily defenseless; which is unfortunate because she's become quite worked up and takes her frustration out on him, her large body descending upon him in a crushing, amorous embrace.

The bouncer, still watching, has lost all composure and has descended into utter laughter, as the drunkard -- completely through with both your mouthiness and his Pokémon's lascivious behavior -- fishes another Pokéball from his pocket.

"I knew you were useless," he spits at the Pangoro, who looks up, startled and a bit wounded. "I never should have traded for you. Worthless, stupid, ugly fuckin'-"

At this point, the Pangoro bursts into tears. She pulls away from Mawile and buries her face in her paws, weeping loudly. The drunk rolls his eyes, and tosses his Pokéball into the air, summoning a massive creature covered in vines -- a Tangrowth. It whips the ground with its arms, ready for a fight.

"I'm sick of your mouth, bitch," the drunk slurs. It doesn't look like the Tangrowth will be nearly so easily charmed as the Pangoro, who is utterly devastated by her trainer's cruel words. Looks like you're in for a real fight this time. What will you do?

The woman stood defiant before the drunkard, while the Mawile gave the Pangoro a gentle yet firm grip of the hand, only for the bear to reciprocate with considerable force, but he was resilient and knew the gruff pokemon had a tender heart. Giving a little wink, he proceeded to blow a kiss on a fey wind to the Daunting pokemon, who recoiled a little at the sensation, a simple message that love can hurt, yet the sudden leer and embrace left him somewhat pained. However, the teasing activity had done them well, for the bouncer had went from amused to outright laughing at the shenanigans.

The drunk, however, was the complete opposite, pulling another ball from pocket as he once again verbally abused the Pangoro, and letting slip the fact he traded for her. Of course it won't listen to you, you wasted muppet, not with that attitude. With a roll of the eyes as she weeped loudly and pulled from her fleeting love, the drunk flicked forward a ball, revealing something equally intimidating and large, vines waving around everywhere, as the drunk stated his tiredness of her words in the usual eloquent manner, the Tangrowth looking much meaner and ready to fight. The Mawile made to step forward, but his ally raised a hand.

"This beast is beneath you, Bel. Such a putrid, hideous mess of a creature...this is why you should not drink, Tangrowth." She quipped, as her hand reached for inside her coat, revealing a rare crimson ball, like a sparking ruby as she enlarged it. "Nay, if the angry monkey refuses to clear off, then I shall have to...discipline it. Aken'thaal, your service is required."

Giving the cherish ball a toss, a smaller beetle emerged from the sphere, glistening gold carapace and compound eyes staring up at the significantly larger pokemon before him, the shiny Nincada was interested in facing this foe, not at all intimidated by the size.

"Aken'thaal, harden your shell to defend against any physical blows this foe possesses, before reading their mind to anticipate actions and determine weak points. When an opportunity rises, strike with leech life at a sensitive spot. Bel, do console the sorrowful Pangoro, and rise to the defence of her with will of iron to thwart any physical trauma. Remain vigilant, and be merciful to her feelings, for this pitiful example of a human being should never have taken custody of one so sensitive."

The woman remained calm and collected, though addressed the obstacle before her with the level of scorn Hell hath no fury comparable as the Nincada prepared himself for this opponent.
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