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"I suppose most Bisharp wouldn't mind," Keith shrugged. "But Ginny, not being evolved, opponents would tend to underestimate her more than they would a Bisharp, and if that is indeed the case, that's something she loves to capitalize on. That's just how she is." Then, Ami explained that her Z-Crystal was the Buginium Z, and also that the Dewpider was hers. "Ohh, cool," Keith nodded. "I didn't bring with me the Pokémon I got from Springtide Isle, or else I'd show you. But hey- are you able to use the Bug-type Z-Move?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah, it's not uncommon for Pokémon raised by Trainers their whole lives to know much of anything about their family," Dennis shrugged. "My Trainer's Pokédex has this feature where it can scan two different Pokémon and determine if they're related to each other. That's how he found out Hebenon and Hannah were brother and sister in the first place. I'm not sure how accurate it is, though... Pomona's older than me, but the Pokédex insists I'm her great-great-great uncle or something. Dunno how that could work, though, unless she's from the future or something like that, y'know?"

"Good point," responded Anion. "Hey- you know what? I'll try it. Can you wrap up a piece of my food in silk? I'll try it, tell you if there's a difference, yeah? Oh, don't roll your eyes at me!" she added, for Chromium had just done exactly that. "We won't know how good of an idea it is until I give it a try!"

"Fine," sighed Chromium. "But when you inevitably barf it back up, kindly don't barf it on me."

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