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Petunia smiled as you addressed the Roselia, thankful that you were kind to the Garden’s flowers. The Thorn Pokemon and its companions gathered together once more, and gave a small wave to you and Petunia before disappearing into a bush. With Tori safe in the Pokeball in your hand, and Glasspine at your side, you followed Petunia out of the garden. Before you left, you took a final look at the Rock Tomb that trapped the Parasect.

“It’s a bit of a walk, just so you know,” Petunia told you as you walked past clusters of rose bushes and tourists taking pictures. She looked down nervously at the Roselia in her arms now and then, but regarded you with a smile if you caught her eye

You had exited the Garden a while back, and now had come upon hilly Plains. A light breeze picked up and created zig-zagging patterns in the grass, which you could see some Pokemon poking their heads out of. Petunia led you to a cabin surrounded by a few trees. It had the iconic Pokeball logo on it, identifying it as a place where one could restore their Pokemon’s health. As you entered, Petunia went directly to the ranger manning the front desk, filling her in on why you and the Roselia were there. She dropped them off with the ranger and returned to you, then let you know that she would be back soon with the person she had mentioned before. You handed your Sandshrew over to the Ranger at the desk, who assured you she would get him back to fighting fit. You took a seat at the table while you waited. After a few moments, a Wigglytuff in a red vest placed Glasspine’s pokeball and a bottle of water on the table in front of you. It bowed slightly, then returned to its position behind the desk.

The door swung open suddenly, and a disheveled-looking man in a labcoat walked in, Petunia following behind him. She waved to you and guided the man to sit at the table.

“Persimmon, this is Alex, he’s the one who found that mushroom” Petunia explained, gesturing towards you. Persimmon squinted through his glasses, then took them off to clean the lenses. You spotted some mustard stains on the collar of his coat.

“Right nice to meet you Alan,” The man said as he adjusted the glasses on his face. You could see his eyes had dark bags under them, as if he hadn’t slept in days. The mess of dark green hair he had on his head had some pens poking out of it, and if you weren't mistaken, some plant life was tangled up in there as well.

“Alex,” Petunia corrected politely.

“Hm? Right, Alex. Right.” He muttered absentmindedly. “Right right so, tochukaso. Great find, I mean really. Such a fine specimen.” He had the bag with the mushroom in it, and was looking over it with great interest.

“Yes but what do we do about the Pokemon, Persi.” Petunia reminded. She looked like she had to put up with this often.

“Oh! The Pokemon. Yes yes….” He trailed off, trying to remember something. “Yes! Your Pokemon ate these? Not good. Not good at all. Disastrous I would say.”

“Disastrous?” Petunia gasped. She looked toward the Roselia, who the Ranger had placed in a box of fresh soil near the window.

“Quite. But um…. Not to worry! Not at all no. After all, I’ve made the antidote before. All we need is that Parasect, which you have. Of course. Right, Aaron?” He looked up at you with a grin, and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

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With a glance back at the rock tomb holding the Parasect, Alex followed Petunia out of the garden as Glasspine tailed behind them, the trainer thankful for the power of pokeballs to recall even the largest pokemon to a small container for transport. He had a feeling he'd be walking quite a bit, and as the group travelled, the woman looking down nervously at the Roselia, the scenery changed from well sculpted gardens to untamed wildlands, hills and plains with the zephyrs blowing patterns in the tall grass pokemon hid within.

The group reached a cabin with the familiar sign of a pokeball on it, a sign even rookie trainers were taught meant a healing station for injured pokemon, and one of the few things where the fraudulent use of such a sign was grounds for whoever was trying to steal things would result in military intervention. Pokemon centers were serious business. As Petunia dropped the flower pokemon off at the desk and filled the ranger in on the situation, she went into the back after letting Alex know she was fetching the person to help, while he picked up the weary shrew and handed him over for recovery.

Taking a seat, Alex gave a sigh. So much for a peaceful look around the gardens... he thought to himself, and a few moments later a pink balloon shaped thing with a red vest hopped through with a tray holding the Sandshrew's ball and a bottle of water, giving a gentle bow, returning to her desk. As this event occurred, the back door swung open as Petunia returned with a rather unusual man, introducing him as Persimmon. The fellow was most certainly what he'd call absent-minded, and appeared rather tired. After quite a bit of goading and reminders from the lady, the botanist appeared to be concerned about the pokemon consuming the mushrooms, and why it was disastrous, as he put it, before asking him if he had the Parasect.

"Well, the Parasect's not actually on us. I managed to trap it in a rock tomb with my Sandshrew, who didn't touch the mushrooms thankfully, though my Nidorina did. If what I remember from some article a while back said, tochukaso are revered by some folks due to their, um, psychedelic properties," Alex replied, with finger quotes around the word psychedelic as to reinforce his views that said fanatics were really just high. "I'm not so sure on the effect of pokemon which way is consumption of them disastrous to pokemon? The Parasect's not overly far from here, and we do remember the way there, so if we could perhaps retrace our steps and get what's needed from it while it's still trapped?"
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