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Chroma listened as the visitor went through all of his reasons for not evolving further- or at all. She did raise a curious eyebrow at the mention of Millicent and Willow, but Keith was already on the next pokemon before she could even think about speaking up. "Yeah, bisharp do get a bit of that classic Steel-Type clunkiness, but... I didn't think was enough for them to mind. It's not as drastic as the change from turtwig to grotle, anyway..." Meowth's quip was perhaps one of the most logical of the bunch. "Human speech is an important power to have for a team translator, indeed!"

Ami looked up as Keith called herself out and held out her pale bracelet for them to see. "Yeah, probably. Mine's a Buginium!" She nodded when asked about the Springtide Isle. "Yeah, I did. I also got my little baby over there-" she gestured over to Bell as she said it- "so I'm pretty happy with how that trip turned out!"

'Oh.' The pumpkasaur wasn't sure what he was expecting this Hannah to be, but kin to the qwilfish was not it. 'Hmm... I'm not quite sure where I stan' inmy brood, actually... I guess I should be 'appy that I even have one, though.'

'I wouldn't know if the silk affects the taste, actually,' Bell admitted, looking over one of his creations curiously. 'I've kind of done this with most, if not all, of what I've eaten, so... yeah. I mean, I'd have no problem trying for myself if I got the chance to breathe the same air as you guys, even temporarily, but for now the best I'm gonna get is to have someone else try one and take their word for it...'

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