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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Upstairs (Missingo Master, CyberBlastoise, Gemini Spark, EpicSquirtle, morningstar): Keith and Ginny, intending to disperse from the gathering trainers who were now flooding into the Casino - no doubt with intentions entirely similar to their own - headed towards the nearby staircase which led upstairs. As they ascended the flight, they noticed that the surroundings were a little more lavish than the lobby area; no expense had been spared when it came to decorating this area, with intricate gold decorations hanging along the length of the walls and glinting gently in the somewhat softer lighting of the surroundings. Finally, the pair come to the head of the stairs, pushing against two large, wooden doors. They move open with ease, a little creak resonating around the room, and Keith steps inside. He finds himself in an incredibly spacious room - likely situated just above the main room of the Casino itself, and certainly as large as the main floor. Numerous tables sporting different games were spread around the area, but much more interesting were the people - rather, the distinct lack of. The area was barely occupied, and every participant seemed to be dressed up in their absolute best, each sporting fancy apparel and dripping with an air of higher society. Keith is brought to his senses by a deep grunt, turning to his right to see a Machoke with his arms crossed, eyes narrowed and staring at Keith. After a while, the tensed Pokemon simply nods, turning back towards watching the others in the room, and at this point Keith notices others climbing the stairs now behind him, a rather weird group in their own right.

Bill and his Squirtle, Error the Magneton, Hyrem and his Froslass, Athena and her Snubbull all stood in the doorway, frozen in place by the beady eyes of the Machoke. It was clear that the Fighting type was becoming suspicious of such a large gathering of people, so it would likely be best for the group to split up as soon as possible. As those within the group look around to take in more of the surroundings, they realise three corridors leading deeper into the floor - with the door behind them situated at the south side of the room, the corridors each led off in the other three cardinal directions, north, east and west.
Once Hyrem and Tsurara finished climbing the stairs, they were in a decidedly bigger room than the lobby, with all sorts of game tables around the room but only a handful of people. A handful of wealthy looking people, I might add. Up ahead of him was Keith and his Pawniard, Ginny, who had noticed him enter along with two other trainers and multiple Pokemon he didn't recognize. Off to the right stood a Machoke with the same kind of hat the other Pokemon wore downstairs, signifying he was a guard like them, and he wasn't a fan of the group that just entered.

Normally, Hyrem would have tried to register all the Pokemon in his Pokedex that he hadn't seen before, but that would draw too much attention to him, he would have to do so later. In addition, Keith had gone down the left hallway as soon as he could which was probably for the best as any idle chit-chat would have wasted precious time spent gathering intel as well as draw suspicion to the guards.

Meanwhile, Tsurara had been up to some sneaky business of her own: even before they had even left for the Casino, before the sweltering summer heat got to her, she had gone through Hyrem's case of TMs and found one that she knew would prove useful to her--he even had a duplicate of it, so surely he wouldn't miss it, right? She let go of her trainer's shoulder, approached the Machoke, and started talking with him: "Why hello there, guardsman~ I'm quite new to this establishment, and I was wondering...where might the nearest bar be on this floor? Down one of those hallways perhaps? I could use something nice and cool after being out in the sun for so long." Hyrem saw what she was doing and muttered, "What are you doing, you're going to get us in trouble..." Tsurara switched back to human speech, "I just want something to drink, is that too much to ask?"
"You could always ask someone else..."
"Trust me, if anyone knows where things are, it's this fine gentleman right here~" she said, turning to the Machoke and winking at him. "Right, good sir~?" She didn't use her new Attract attack just yet, but if the guard Pokemon refused to answer her--or if he was about to do anything fishy--she had the spell ready to go. And if she was successful? She just might have provided the distraction that the other trainers may have been looking for to sneak past the Fighting-type and explore other areas; perhaps she would even be rewarded with that drink she was looking for, maybe some more people to strike up a few conversations with. Hyrem could do nothing but watch and hope that the Froslass wasn't about to get them thrown out of the Casino.


Use: TM Attract on Froslass
New Move! Froslass learned Attract!

EDIT: Pokedex Entries
Spoiler: show
Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. Squirtle can defend itself by tucking its head and limbs into its shell before spitting water to repel foes. Its shell is considered hydrodynamic, giving it the ability to swim at fast speeds. It is very accurate when spitting water, and it uses this accuracy when it surfaces to shoot prey from below, knocking them into the water for it to eat.

Magneton, the Magnet Pokemon. A Pokemon formed from three separate entities, it appears in groups during sunspot activities. Its magnetic forces disrupt many electronics as well as raise the temperature slightly during this time, so there are warning systems in place to warn cities of this occurrence as well as measures taken to try and drive groups of Magneton away.

Snubbull, the Fairy Pokemon. This Pokemon has an unsettling presence due to its face and the way it growls, but most Snubbull have good dispositions, making them popular among many humans, especially women. It does, however, scare other Pokemon away, which is unfortunate for those who want to make friends. Most of the time, it prefers to sleep for most of the day, doing some activities at night.

Machoke, the Superpower Pokemon, and the pre-evolved form of Machamp. After lots of bodybuilding, this Pokemon has crafted the best possible physique for itself and obtained abnormal amounts of strength. The belt it wears is not just for looks; it keeps its abnormal strength in check and can be taken off as a last resort against particularly powerful opponents. It continues training by doing heavy lifting for humans, and this, plus its good looks, has inspired sculptors to make statues of it.

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