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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Doctor Grossman sat at his desk, meticulously wrapping a bandage around his hand, every now and again undoing the past couple of wraps and rewrapping the cloth to get it a little bit tighter. Noticing Keith approach, the man haphazardly pins the dressing in place and allows the remaining bandaging to dangle for now as he quickly grabs his clipboard from the desk.

"Welcome back, welcome back!" the man shouts and nods, getting up to shake Keith's hand before realizing the state of his own. "Oops, sorry about that," the doctor grins sheepishly, "that Umbreon of yours is a real piece of work. Had to keep her distracted myself so one of my assistants could swap out her egg! Took a bit of my hand in the exchange but I think it was worth it." The doctor unpins the bandage before continuing to wrap up the remainder of the dressing and repin it, waving over a staff member, who promptly runs to the back.

The staff member reappears soon enough, guiding Cyanide back into the building as Doctor Goodman grabs his camera and begins leading the group over to the incubators. A small brown egg with a light cream colored bottom sits in the sole occupied incubator of this section of the building, pictures of Cyanide and Pom displayed on the case. It takes a moment before small cracks start to form on the shell, and the doctor goes complete mad with his camera, entering a picture taking frenzy. The cracking is slow, but after a moment a small hole forms as a piece of the egg falls away, and a small eye peeks out before the section of shell below is kicked through, causing the egg to crack clean open. The small, long eared vulpine sits, staring into the world, a small piece of the brown egg still stuck on its head. Normally the doctor would begin a quick examination at this point, but the stark contrast of color between the egg shell and the fur of the newborn has clearly put the room to shock, a soft white tone where all had expected brown. Doctor Grossman's mouth stretches to a grin that reaches from ear to ear as his camera takes one final click before he leans in close to the Eevee and begins his examination as usual.

"Well, she's certainly not what I had expected, to say the least. A beautiful baby girl." Handing his notes over to Keith he takes a few more pictures. "Just give those a sign and she's yours to take home!"

Keith has hatched a lv.1 shiny female Eevee! She also has the following Egg move:
  • Tickle
As Pom followed Cyanide back into the building, the Ambipom tried his best to contain his excitement. This was was time to see their child finally hatch!
But despite his excitement, Pom couldn't help but feel a little nervous as well. While the Ambipom had no doubt Cyanide would be a great mother, Pom couldn't but wonder if he was truly fit to be a good father.

Once Cyanide had reunited with her trainer, a sense of disappointment grew within Pom. It wasn't like he had forgotten that Jake was missing, but it wasn't until he had seen Keith that it had hit him. His trainer wouldn't be here to see the baby hatch.
As the group was led to an incubator, Pom thoughts drifted elsewhere, if only for a while. He could worry about his trainer another time, but what was about to happen next was an opportunity the Ambipom certainly didn't want to miss.

Upon noticing the brown and light cream egg, a large smile formed on Pom's face, his previous excitement returning in full force. Watching the egg intently, Pom's smile grew brighter then ever before as a small piece piece broke off, revealing a small eye inside.

The rest of the egg then fell apart in a flurry of kicks from the baby, revealing the white-furred Eevee to the world.

Wait...that wasn't quite right. Pom had seen a fair few Eevee's, including Cyanide, but never one with a white coat..unless this was?

Whipping out his Pokedex, Keith scanned the Eevee pup, confirming the Amibpom's suspicions. His child was a shiny Pokemon!

Once the shock had worn off, Dr. Grossman went to inspect the baby, after receiving a threatening growl from Cyanide of course. Once the doctor had finished his examination, he announced the Eevee pup to be a beautiful baby girl.

With her examination complete, the Eevee pup hopped down before licking Pom's face, causing her to let out a laugh. He was at a complete loss of words at what to say, and so remained quiet as his daughter tackled Keith, before using her Tickle attack.
Wait a minute...could Eevee's learn Tickle...or had his ability to use it been passed down to his daughter? Pom wasn't quite sure, but couldn't help but feel proud regardless, a bright smile still plastered on his face.
Said smile fell slightly upon Keith discussing living arrangements with the baby Eevee. It had already been decided before that Keith was to keep the Eevee pup, but hearing the man say it still left him feeling sad. But that was selfish, wasn't it?
Leaving his daughter with Keith was best for the Eevee, considering Jake wasn't currently in the picture. On top of that, Pom couldn't bear to tear Cyanide and the baby apart. If that left him with having to see his daughter whenever he visited, then that was the price he would pay.
Noticing that Keith had given him a friendly smile, Pom snapped out of his train of thought, before giving the man a swift nod.

Once that was over, it came time to pick a name for the Eevee pup. Instead of saying anything, Pom left Cyanide to naming the baby...ending in the Eevee pup gaining the name Eon.

With Eon's name out of the way, Keith caught the shiny Eevee in a Premier Ball, making Eon an official part of his team. With nothing left to do, Keith and the others began to leave, but not before Eon gave Pom a kiss goodbye.

His smile returning in full force, Pom waved to both Cyanide and Eon.

"Cyanide..take good care of Eon!" Pom called out, before realizing the stupidity of his words. Of course Cyanide was going to take great care of Eon...Pom knew she would. Still..Pom couldn't help but worry. If Eon was anything like her mother, then the Eevee could very well get herself in trouble if she wasn't careful.

"Oh! And I'll be sure to visit real soon! I love you both!" Pom added, before the group left the building, leaving the Ambipom to himself.

With no trainer or home to return to, Pom exited the Hatchery with a different purpose. He was going to search all around..and he was going to find his matter what it took!

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