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The sight of Éclair trapped in the vines of this unexpected enemy gets your blood boiling, itching to set things right - you will not stand by idly as your friend is bound and restrained without provocation!

Immediately, Monte rushed to follow your instructions, energy gathering in his mangled fists once more. However, the young Scraggy is still very much exhausted from the earlier climbing and the consecutive punches he threw against the rock wall, and without having been healed, you notice his movements are more sluggish than usual -
even keeping his shed skin "pants" up is getting in the way as he approaches the Snivy.

As he finally gets within range, he tries to hurl a Drain Punch, but Snivy merely leaps nimbly out of the way, taking full advantage of its superior speed and Monte's tiredness. It keeps its eyes firmly locked on the attacker, studying its movements with a cunning mostly unusual of a wild Pokémon. The vibe it sends is one of cold, ruthless efficiency, with no wated movements as it once more dodges Monte's kick attempt. Evidently this Snivy vastly out-levels your Fighting-Type companion, but for some reason, it does not fight back with a single attack of its own... what's going on here?

As Monte prepares to Taunt Snivy into attacking - something that you're starting to wonder might turn really bad for you, considering the obvious difference in power -, the Scraggy flinches for some strange motive... until you realize he's frozen in fear by Snivy's Glare! That move is rarely accessible to wild Snivy, as you recall - either it was born knowing it from its genetic heritage, or someone taught it the technique at some point.

Clearly the Snivy is stalling for time, despite appearing much stronger than Monte. Are you missing something here? Why won't it fight back? What are its true intentions?...

Athena winced as Monte's punch missed, sending the tired Scraggy past Snivy and onto the floor. She held herself back from rushing forward and rescuing her Pokemon, it would be better to just let Monte try this battle out. He'd probably appreciate the opportunity to participate in the battle, and maybe even help out Eclair.

The Grass Snake Pokemon was incredibly fast, and definitely was much stronger than Monte. Despite the fact that it could take out Athena's young Pokemon in one hit, it was simply avoiding without fighting back. This was frustrating, Monte wasn't even getting the chance to regain some of his health back with an attack. He adjusted the shed skin around his legs, trying again to hit the Snivy with Low Kick. Athena grimaced as again his attack missed. Monte wasn't looking at her for another command. She worried that he was upset with her for pitting him against such a strong and evasive foe. Even Eclair wasn't responding to her, too fully wrapped up in vines.

"Monte...?" Athena questioned. She had retrieved Monte's Pokeball, and rolled it in her hand nervously. Monte didn't move, his eyes locked with his opponent, whose brown eyes were glowing. Her Pokemon wasn't ignoring her, Athena realized, but Snivy had paralyzed him with an intense Glare. Though not an expert on Pokemon moves, the trainer knew that this was suspect. She wasn't sure what was going on, but her Pokemon were unsafe in this situation.

"Come back, Monte!" She held the Pokeball out, activating its return function. Athena was new to Ball technology, but she had a thought. She retrieved Eclair's Pokeball as well, and attempted to retrieve her Pokemon through the mess of vines. She had no idea what this Snivy was up to, but she needed some way to keep it away from her Pokemon.


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