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"Yeah, well, they each got their reasons," Keith shrugged. "My Timburr doesn't want to replace her wooden beam with a steel girder or a pair of concrete pillars, because the ghost inhabiting her wooden beam would feel most at home in there, considering she was a Leavanny when she was alive. And my Pawniard, she greatly prefers her enemies to underestimate her, and she believes Pawniard are more maneuverable than Bisharp."

"And as fer me-owth, dat Nurse Joy we saw afta I got dis gift o' gab I got says dat if I evolve, I lose da power o' human speech, and I ain't givin' dat up," said Meowth firmly.

At Chroma's words, Keith turned to Ami. "Oh, you have a Z-Ring too?" he said. "That's pretty cool. Yeah, you probably got a different Z-Crystal with yours," he nodded. He turned his wrist to give Ami a better view of the Poisonium Z set into his Z-Ring. "I'm guessing you got yours on Springtide Isle, too?" he asked.

"Yeah, for sure," Dennis nodded. "Of course, Hannah is his little sister, so that's about what you'd expect."

Chromium listened silently to Bell's explanation- he had to do this to keep the food from making his water bubble all muddy, considering he needed said bubble to breathe. "Huh," the Smeargle responded. She glanced at the Dewpider's water bubble, seeing just how devoid of dirt and mud it was. "Well, nice to meet you, too," she said.

"Nice to meet ya, Bell!" smiled Anion. "So it tastes alright like that, all wrapped up in silk like that?" she asked. "I couldn't imagine havin' to do that, myself, especially since I don't know String Shot or anything like that." She paused to cheerfully consume some of her own stir fry. "Mmm," she murmured appreciatively. "Good eating! I was in the mood for pizza, I ain't gonna lie, but I got no complaints about this stuff."

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