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Promenade of Desires (Marion Ette, Balmund, Naruxami, Rotom310, 134) - The winding path oscillates with excitement by night now stretches out unremarkable against the near-noonday sun. Flanking the roundabout trail are carefully-manicured shrubs and trees groomed in close semblance of the casino's namesake, the Wish Pokémon Jirachi. To the left side stands a weathered multi-tiered parking garage, easily capable of storing several dozens of vehicles, from the size of the humble motor scooter to the mighty eighteen-wheeler. At the right is a lovely garden dotted with finery of the most exotic floral sort, replete with plain white gazebos—the seat of luxury for those seeking shelter from the hustle-bustle of the gambler's row. Amidst the open-air structures flows a man-made creek surrounded by bamboo, meticulously tended to by the casino's grounds-keeping crew.

The central hub of activity, steps away from the maddening gates to greed, are crowds bursting with the excitement of every manner of tourist, their hearts on their sleeves and their pockets brimming with monies to match hopes and dreams. As always, fair tidings of the budding day proffer an almost nascent sensibility of prosperity and cheer upon those in attendance.

There are however some present whose intentions run on an altogether different lieu. While they remain largely unawares of one another, this ambitious crew is indeed united in a single cause...

On the outskirts of the masses are two who seem keen on appearances above all. Marion stands astride her partner Gwyn the Lampent, awaiting the arrival of an anonymous ally who promises to provide her with assistance in her endeavors. The soul in question would be none other than Duke and his dour Seviper, Chris; the former waves and smiles in greeting before addressing his long-time acquaintance. However, the exchange does not go unnoticed by the security staff at the gate, whose attentions were commanded by the sight of the Fang Snake Pokémon slithering within a rock's throw of their station.

Closer to the fringes of the crowd Elka make a head towards groomed bush and bramble, alert to anything that strikes the senses as strange or curious. Joined by her Torracat Morgana, she maintains a measured pace while making clever use of her crutches to displace pebbles, stones, and debris. Eventually the pair sidles up to the garden, its flora as made up not unlike a prim-and-proper Furfrou, stalks and branches delicately coiffed to perfection to bring the best out of bamboo leaves. The sandy stones precisely placed within glitter prettily against the sunbeams; closer inspection reveals not one but two odd rocks towards the garden's center, one large and the other small, which do not glisten in quite the same manner as the rest, appearing smooth and waxen in sheen where the others are rough-hewn. Examining either stone in proper would require one to tread deeper into the garden, which is off-limits to visitors. Will Elka trespass to chance a closer look?

Nearby Drew rounds the approach while keeping an eye between Corvinus the Murkrow's location and his periphery. A rendezvous seems unlikely so soon, so the trainer quickly brings his sights singly to rest on the playful greenery dotting the inner perimeter of the promenade. The brush there has been sheared in a myriad of whimsical star shapes which surround a larger-than-life statue of the casino's mascot. As the man studies the statue, the sun peeks out from behind clouds, blinding him for a few seconds. He shirks and squints, but nearly blinds himself a second time as he suddenly beholds a curious scene… a line of light drawn round the bases of the star bushes, barely perceptible to the naked eye. Trip wire. What in the world would necessitate the installation of a security device like that?

Meanwhile Johto native Tate, having chosen impulse over further consternation, makes meaningful strides away from the casino's entrance. When the trainer deems the distance between themselves and the crowds sufficient, they notice a fork to the right. A paw from Kai alerts Tate to a sign as a truck whizzes past: Loading Docks. The cobblestone course changes to gravel and winds around the back of the establishment; some ways off, the edge of a platform and the corner of something large and cube-shaped can be seen, though it's unclear exactly what from afar.

Outer Perimeter (Connor) - Minding the guards' gazes, the one known as "The Bartender" proceeds silently past the entrance towards outer wall of the facility. Any other person would be tempted to brush their fingers against the flamboyance there: colossal columns several stories in height, decked out with classical-style motifs of Jirachi and symbols of fortune in fresco are truly a sight to behold. At the very top lies a glimmer of something shining—sinister, perhaps…

Suddenly, a distinct hrumph sounds from behind, recognizable as the sound of one clearing one’s throat. Sweeney turns on heel, a gesture which Lancelot mimes at his own pace, and finds himself nearly nose-to-nose with a grisly-browed old timer. Nonplussed, the gentleman scratches his pate, clenching the hoe in his right hand tighter as he scrutinizes the trainer and his Slowking. Sweeney maintains a neutral stance. At a glance, there appears to be nothing particularly threatening about the fellow from his wizened countenance to his muck-covered boots. Across the left breast of the man’s soiled peat jumpsuit one can make out ZEKE in brilliant red letters.

He coughs in earnest a final time before opening his mouth to speak. "Normally, ah'd do what ah always do with touristy types: send 'em on their way. But somethin' about you just don't fit the bill."

His words and dress suggest he is under the employ of the casino, but his manner does not suggest that he is guarded. Naturally, one could engage him in conversation, though the stakes are higher than this gentleman is tall...

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