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Nagini was a bit sad when the petting stopped, but she nodded understandingly. "Chaaa," she hissed in response. Indeed, she slithered over to a plate of her own and began eating.

"Well, there's obviously merits to evolving all the way as well," Keith replied, with a nod to Dennis. "But yeah- not evolving doesn't mean the Pokémon's any less capable. In fact, my Weedle's been devoting her life to proving that very point. Even before the new Elite Four relaxed the rules on TM usage, I was able to teach her a wide variety of attacks, but I had to get creative with how I did it. And it's not just her and my Ivysaur, either- my Timburr refuses to evolve, as does my Pawniard, Meowth here, and my Kakuna- he's actually my Weedle's son. Oh- and my Eevee," he added. "Apparently Eon doesn't want to evolve. She doesn't want to become an Eeveelution- she wants to be better than any of the Eeveelutions. And you know something," he added, glancing at the Z-Ring he wore on his left wrist. "...I wouldn't be all that surprised if this thing somehow ended up helping her out with that." Chuck said nothing, simply smiling knowingly as Keith speculated. He had a feeling Keith would soon find out.

"Yeah, Hebenon told me he had his fair share of trouble swimming when he was younger, but he's gotten in a lot of practice over the years. He's even pretty good at getting around on land," said Dennis. "And yeah- heh, back when Hannah was on the team, she'd go around telling the story to anyone who'd listen, and several of us who wouldn't," he chuckled.

Chromium watched, slightly interested and a little confused as Bell did his thing. Evidently, it was how he ate, for the contents of his plate slowly but surely ceased to resemble the stir fry it once was. Moved by curiosity, the Smeargle grabbed her own plate with her vines, and sat herself next to the Dewpider. "So, what, that's how you eat?" she asked. "Never seen eating like that before. Name's Chromium, by the way, who are you?"

"And I am Anion!" declared the Minun, who was dragging her own plate nearby, her tone of voice suggesting she was announcing the arrival of someone of great importance. The Smeargle rolled her eyes at the Minun's presence, though if she had anything to say on the matter, she held back.

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