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Ami listened to the other humans talk as she petted Nagini a bit more, before stepping aside and sitting down. "Sorry, I'm actually kind of hungry." And with that, she started to chow down on her stir fry.

"Sounds like I was mostly on my money, then," Chroma noted as Keith explained his ivysaur's choices, up to and including emotional manipulation. She was likely a dangerous foe, indeed. "Yeah, Miapladicus here doesn't identify either way, itself. If anything, it probably thinks it's an eternal firework or something."

The staryu in question rolled in on the conversation, well aware that it was talked about. 'Eternal firework? Sorry, but I'm gonna squash that rumor before it takes off!' And with that, it rolled away again to let the humans contemplate the subject longer if they so wished.

Elen flipped off of Keith's head and landed by an unclaimed plate, wrapped a tentacle around the fork (since his suckers couldn't quite grasp it), and started to eat in a position that probably would be uncomfortable to be in if he had a skeleton. As thing were, however, he was actually chirping quite happily between bites.

'Huh, dat's an odd one,' the pumpkasaur responded, trying to get some sort of picture in his mind. 'Sounds like they'd have trouble swimmin', if ya ask me. Takin' down a full-grown Dragon, though? Now dat's impressive!'

Bell took on a more sheepish appearance once he realized that he was being watched. He knew that he was being weird among so many strangers, but he didn't exactly have much choice in the matter- breathing was an important life function as well, after all. Even with the added nervousness, it wasn't long before the his plate's contents were no longer recognizable as stir fry.

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