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Nagini smiled, giving a contented sigh as Ami started petting her. "Chaaaaa~" Nagini hissed, making it quite clear that Ami was doing just fine.

"Pomona feels the same way, yeah," Keith nodded. "She's probably the cutest Ivysaur in the world, and she actually likes to use her cute looks as part of her battle strategy, she's got moves like Charm, Captivate, and Attract to work with. Besides, she also likes playing games like tag, and just running around and playing with her friends, and she feels being a Venusaur would make such a thing much harder for her." Chroma then asked whether Keith's Starmie identified as female or whether he just simply started referring to her with female pronouns. A legitimate question, considering that from a biological standpoint, nobody knew how to discern a Starmie's gender. "She's identified as female since I first met her," Keith replied. "Same deal with my Ditto- he identifies as male, always has. Not all genderless Pokémon do that, though," he added. "I once had a Klink and a Voltorb, neither of whom identified as any gender in particular," he said, recalling the days when Cadmium and Nitro were a part of his team. And then, at that moment, the Staryu spoke up telepathically. By no means did this surprise Keith, considering his Starmie favored such a means of communication herself. He gave a small chuckle at the Water-type's enthusiasm at the prospect of company. "Nice to meet you," he said to the Staryu.

"Oh, well, a Qwilfish is this Water and Poison-type," Dennis attempted to explain. "It's got this round body, there's pointy spikes all over it- I mean, you could hug one, you'd just have to be careful about it- and there's this wide, flat tail sticking out the back. Hard to say without comparing side by side, but I'm pretty sure they're actually a bit smaller than you," he stated. "But yeah, Keith's got this Qwilfish named Hebenon, easily one of his strongest Pokémon. Even took down a Dragonite once, I hear."

Chromium, while eating her food, looked on at the Dewpider, observing as he began wrapping some of his stir fry into small packages by spewing silk at them.

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