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The whole talking meowth thing was still a little off putting for Ami, but his role as the Team Translator quickly proved itself. "Thank you, Nagini!" The invitation to pet the giant snake was a bit of a surprise, but she wasn't going to leave that hanging. She tentatively ran her hand across Nagini's head. "Woah, you're actually kinda smooth!" She started to pet the snake more vigorously, careful not to rub against the grain of her scales.

"An ivysaur, huh?" Chroma asked. "I suppose tht if you're looking to maintain appearances, that would be the best place to stop. No offence to Dennis, but venusaur are a bit lacking in the looks department... It does make me wonder what they would look like if pumpkasaur could evolve, though." She took a contemplative bite as Keith fanboyed over her new staryu. "Um, quick question: did your starmie identify as female when you found her, or did you guys decide to refer to her as such?"

'I guess that's confortin', but...' Butternut looked genuinely confused. '...I don' know what a qwilfish even is!'

'Oh, it seems we have newcomers in our jubilation!' the staryu proclaimed to everyone in the room via telepathy. 'What an unexpected honour- not even the stars themselves have told me of your coming!' Chroma shrank back a little bit, somewhat embarrassed by the star's outburst.

Bell took the opportunity to sneak over to a plate and attempt to wrap the stir fry into small silken packages somewhat discreetly.

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