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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
It was a hot day in Fizzytopia, and Alice Hope had traveled from her Cloud Garden home for a few errands only: buy snacks she didn't need, and pick up yet another friend from the Adoption Centre. She had a feeling that this potential new squad member would enjoy this kind of weather, but it was the type of weather that had her in an airy pink cropped top and tiny shorts and sandals. Because no.

Swish swish, Alice's blonde ponytail swung with every step towards the grass enclosure, where one Pokemon stood out to her. When she had visited after the place's grand reopening, everywhere had been crammed full of Pokemon, and now a small amount remained. It made her sad that Bellsprout was one of them, and even sadder that she had expected it. $30 in her pocket and a Poke Ball had this creature's name on it.

"Hey, little guy." The young woman cooed. She crouched down, although she didn't actually reach five feet tall anyway. It was an odd looking thing, objectively, but Alice thought it was charming-- and Weepinbell had always been one of her favourite Pokemon. "I'm sorry that you've been stuck here so long. I hope it didn't upset you to see me leaving with some of your friends. But I'd love for it to be your turn now, if you want to." Alice offered. She had purposely picked a more floral perfume, hoping it might put him at ease, "We can choose some snacks on the way home! What d'you think?"
It's hot out, and the staff have set up a sprinkler in the Grass-type enclosure in order to help alleviate their demand for water. There is a cool mist in the air as you approach, and when the sun catches it just right, a rainbow sheen reflects off of the water droplets. A small tribe of Shroomish run away from the fence as you approach, but that's fine; they aren't who you're here for. Rather, your sites are set on a certain someone rooted by the gate, its feet buried in the sod in an attempt to soak up extra moisture. He looks a bit spooked by you, but he can't uproot himself up quick enough to flee before you enter, and has no choice but to hear what you have to say.

You'd... like to adopt him?

That's an awfully big commitment. He doesn't even know you! Here you are, waltzing up like you own the place, talking about adoption! Buy a guy dinner first! Oh... there might be snacks involved? Well... hm. Snacks do sound nice. What kind of snacks? These are very important questions.

You watch him go through this roller coaster of thoughts, one leaf raised to his chin in contemplation. Then he looks out to the enclosure around him. You're a very forward girl, but it's better than staying here. After all, there's snacks. He uproots himself, and takes several moments to very carefully shake every last bit of dirt from his tendril-like feet, before he begins to climb you like a mountain! When he reaches your head, he curls his flexible, vine-like body around your ponytail, and nestles in, his leaves and head making for quite the pretty fixture. Yes, he really brings your outfit together. He hopes you don't mind his forwardness! Better go get that paperwork signed.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Bellsprout confirmed.
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