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Keith tried (and failed horribly) to stifle a huge yawn as he walked into the Adoption Center. He felt every bit as tired as he looked, and it was with no small amount of concern that Meowth looked at him. And why not? After all, Meowth was there last night. He heard Keith start to scream in his sleep- the recent adventures in Goldenridge City had brought back an old recurring nightmare of his. Namely, the walls of twisted Koffing and Weezing corpses from Mt. Aduro. The sight of such a thing in his dreams was enough to make him wake up screaming. And last night was the worst Meowth had seen- Keith had gotten less sleep than the average Vigoroth.

"Ya sure ya oughta be comin' in here if yer dat tired?" Meowth asked Keith. "Perhaps dis could wait a while until yer more wide awake?"

"Meowth's got a point," added the Dusknoir floating alongside Keith, the feminine voice making it evident that this was Liliana as opposed to Peeves. "There must be a way to ensure you get a good night's sleep... Maybe if Meowth tried eating your dreams?"

"Hey, Lil, I like yer tinkin' dere, but dere ain't no way I's eatin' nightmares," Meowth stated. "You read Hermione's notes on da subject matter o' dreams affectin' da taste- nightmares barely qualify as edible. I'd be pukin' my guts out all night-"

Allow me, a serene voice sounded, interrupting Meowth. Before any of them could ask where the voice came from, an answer came floating over to them. A round, pink creature with something of a floral pattern all over its body. Moved by curiosity, Keith dug out his Pokédex and pointed it at this newcomer.

"Munna, the Dream Eater Pokémon. A Psychic-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Munna eats the dreams of people and Pokémon, and while it has no problems consuming nightmares, only pleasant dreams enable it to produce Dream Mist. Those whose dreams were consumed by Munna forget what the dream was about."

"So you're a Munna," Keith murmured. "I- whoa, whoa, whoa!" he exclaimed, for the next thing he knew, every flower on Munna's body was glowing a pale blue, and Keith was being suspended in midair courtesy of a Psywave attack. Munna set him down in a nearby chair, then floated just behind Keith's head, inviting him to use her as a pillow. Keith was rather surprised by all this, to say nothing of how Meowth and Liliana felt about this, but a small puff of pink mist was sprayed out of the dark pink oval between Munna's eyes. Keith took a whiff of the Dream Mist, and suddenly found it quite impossible to keep his eyes open.

"...Wat da hell are ya doin'?" Meowth asked the Munna as he watched Keith snoozing in the middle of the Adoption Center, for now, the Psychic-type who was allowing Keith to use her as a pillow seemed to be feeding on an unidentified vapor of some sort being drawn from Keith's ear.

Consuming his nightmare, the Munna responded.

"...Don't dat taste gross?" asked Meowth, sounding slightly nauseated.

Not to me, Munna replied. All dreams have their own unique flavor to them, though we Munna are gifted with the ability to stomach the nightmares most others find nauseating. It's a gift. One I personally like to use to help others. As we speak, your Trainer is being relieved of the burdensome nightmare that would elseways be causing him distress.

"Fascinating," Liliana murmured, watching the Munna at work.

Hours later, Keith's eyes slowly opened. He stood up, a small grin forming on his face as he registered just what a difference had been made- in stark contrast to the tired and weary man who'd walked in earlier, Keith felt relaxed and refreshed. "...Wow!" he grinned. "I feel great."

I am glad, smiled Munna, who floated out from behind Keith. Your nightmare was an intense one indeed. Many strong flavors mixed together, with an overall spiciness that somehow brings it all together. I considered it a pleasure to relieve you of that burden.

"Well, I owe you big time for that," nodded Keith. "So what's the deal, Munna, do you work here or something?"

I'm afraid not, Munna admitted. I'm actually up for adoption. I've been here for quite some time. A definite tinge of sadness in her telepathic tone of voice as she said this.

"Have you, now?" Keith murmured. Meowth didn't even need to look at Keith to see that gleam in his eye. "Munna... how would you like to come with us?" he asked.

Munna looked at Keith. You mean it? she asked, sounding hopeful. I... I would quite like that, she nodded.

Keith smiled. "I mean it," he confirmed. "Not even taking into account the whole eating-nightmares deal, you're just really nice."

Munna blushed. Thank you, she responded. Umm... might I request a specific nickname? she added. I actually have one in mind.

Keith shrugged. "I don't see why not," he replied. "Let's hear it."

Well... began Munna. The story that was always told to me is that we Munna have ancestry not only in common with Drowzee and Hypno, but also that could be traced back to the legendary Cresselia, a Psychic-type with the power to dispel nightmares. I for one always took this distinction quite seriously, and always made it my goal to rid the world of nightmares like the great Cresselia herself. And in that spirit... I would like to be named Selia. If it's OK with you, of course, she added to Keith.

"Wow," Keith murmured, taking in the Munna's story.

"I wonder if there's any truth to that," Liliana added, sounding highly fascinated. "I've never heard any legends or stories about Munna being descended from Cresselia, but considering that they and they alone seem to enjoy the taste of nightmares, I suppose it's possible that they developed their taste buds in such a way to be able to safely relieve others of nightmares..."

As the Dusknoir went on in this vein, Keith turned back to the Munna. "I think Selia's a good name for you," he nodded. "Welcome to the team," he added, holding up a Poké Ball. Selia said nothing in response, merely smiling and floating forward, gently bumping into the sphere, which split open to suck her inside. It wobbled a little in Keith's hand, but fell still with little trouble. Smiling at the ball containing his new Munna, Keith headed on over to pay for the newest member of the team.

OOC: Adopting the female Munna. Paying 30 for her, naming her Selia, housing her in this Poké Ball (#1 of 5), and declaring her Ability to be Forewarn.
A man asleep in the middle of the back room. It was strange, but not the strangest thing the staff had seen. They argued over who had left the chair there. Was it Arturo, while he was feeding the Starly? Had it Mikhaela, using it as a step stool to get a fresh roll of paper towels out of the tall cabinets? Whatever the case, one of the nice office chars had been left among the cages and now there was a patron asleep in it. His Pokémon loitered around him, and the staff did their best to work without disturbing him, for it seemed rude to wake him, even if he was impeding their work. Around lunch, an older volunteer with graying hair offered treats to the Dusknoir and Meowth who waited, bored and patient, for their master to arise. Sometime in the afternoon, Tate placed a blanket over him, which he promptly kicked off, offended the manager to an irrational degree; the flamboyantly dressed Johto native huffed back to the office complaining about ungrateful people and how, "I didn't want to share my blanket anyway!"

By 2 o'clock, a betting pool had surfaced on how long the strange man would stay asleep. Until dinner? Until they closed? Forever? Volunteers and interns tossed their petty change into a mason jar in a winner-take-all gamble. loose dollars and all sorts of coins threatened to crest the mouth by the end of the day. The winner? Mikhaela. The bet? "Until he wakes up."

She totally left the chair there.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Munna confirmed.
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