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"Chaa, chaaaboka," Nagini replied with a smile at Amicae's words, nodding back to her.

"Nagini's sayin' da same ting about yer own name," Meowth translated for Amicae.

"You can pet Nagini if you want, you know," Keith added. "I think she'd like that." The Arbok gave another nod, confirming Keith's words as truth.

Keith then listened as Chroma recounted the moment when she'd won her Pumpkasaur. "Yeah, I'll bet it was emotional," Keith nodded. "I was pretty disappointed that I didn't win. I'd really love to catch a Pumpkasaur of my own someday," he smiled. "They look awesome, and I'm willing to bet I could think up a great strategy revolving around that Pumpkin Bomb attack they know. Plus, Dennis and Pomona would very likely get along with a Pumpkasaur- Pomona's my Ivysaur, by the way," he added. "Didn't bring her with me today, but you ought to meet her sometime. She actually refuses to evolve into Venusaur, and I can't really complain- she's pretty awesome just the way she is."

"Hey, don't sweat it," Dennis said to Butternut, who seemed a bit embarrassed by the Pokédex so bluntly pointing out his lack of evolutionary relatives. "You know what else doesn't evolve? Qwilfish. And you know what one of Keith's strongest Pokémon is? A Qwilfish." He nodded as Butternut mentioned having called for the others, and looked out for them.

And sure enough, there came a pair of Water-types. Keith recognized one as a Dewpider, having very briefly seen some back when he first entered Goldenridge City, though the other one was a slightly less familiar sight. He'd seen Staryu before, sure, just not for years. In fact, the last time he saw a Staryu was back in Lavaridge- someone had a Staryu with him en route to the Lavaridge Gym. Keith saw a great many Water-types accompanying the Trainers intent on challenging the Lavaridge Gym Leader. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the pure Water-type.

"Staryu, the Star Shape Pokémon. A Water-type," said the device. "As long as its core is unharmed, Staryu can effortlessly regenerate any lost body parts, even if it is chopped to bits. The core glows with red light when night falls. Staryu is the pre-evolved form of Starmie."

"Cool," Keith remarked. "I actually have a Starmie of my own, though I caught her as a Starmie- haven't seen a Staryu since before I became a Trainer," he explained. By this point, Keith and his Pokémon had set down all the plates they carried with them.

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