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"It's nice to meet you, too!" Ami said once all of the pokemon introductions. "Nagini's a nice sounding name," she declared, with a brief nod in the arbok's direction.

Chroma let out a mildly uncomfortable chuckle- as much as she was glad to have Butternut, the moment she won him wasn't exactly her finest moment. "Yeah, you were in the crowd then, if I remember correctly. It was all a blur of emotion for me, admittedly..."

Butternut's ears flattened back in embarassment. 'Dah box's short an' to the point sometimes, huh...' he muttered, not happy that the pokedex openly called out a few of his insecurities. 'Anyways, I sent a call out to dah others, so they should be gettin' here soon.'

Sure enough, a staryu
and a dewpider soon became visible around the corner, both still dripping a bit from their time in the water.

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