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"Cool," Keith grinned as Chroma proudly reported on how well Elenchos was doing. "Definitely sounds like he ended up with the right Trainer, then." At that point, after a little back-and-forth between the two sisters, Chroma introduced Keith and Amicae to each other. "Nice to meet you, Amicae," Keith said. "This here is Meowth," he added, gesturing to the Normal-type on one shoulder.

"Hey dere," Meowth greeted Amicae.

"And this is Anion, my Minun," he added.

"Mai maaiii!" Anion cheered.

"My Smeargle, Chromium; my Gengar, Chuck; my Venusaur, Dennis; and my Arbok, Nagini. And- whoa, is that a Pumpkasaur?" Keith asked, finally noticing the unique Bulbasaur subspecies near Dennis and Nagini. "Oh, wow," he smiled, taking out his Pokédex- a classic Kanto model, albeit colored Koffing purple, with a pale yellow skull and crossbones symbol on the cover.

"Pumpkasaur, the Pumpkin Seed Pokémon. A Grass and Poison-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Pumpkasaur is a close relative of the Bulbasaur species that is extremely rare and hard to find. Unlike Bulbasaur, however, Pumpkasaur possesses no evolutionary relatives. Its special attack is the Pumpkin Bomb."

"That is so cool," Keith smiled. "I tried to win one of those last Halloween, but no luck."

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