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"Elen's been doing pretty dang well, actually," Chroma proudly reported as she placed one of the plates on the ground. "He might not have mastered the hypnotic powers his species is known for, but his other abilities have been very good at making up for it- I've found that he can completely change his passive traits mid-battle, to give you the big example."

"Wait, since when was he able to do that?" Ami asked in genuine surprise.

The older girl shrugged. "I dunno, when did you get that creepy spider?"

"Hey, don't call Bell creepy!"

Chroma cleared her throat with a cough. "Anyway, it seems like you two have seen each other without actually meeting each other, so introductions are still in order. Ami, this is Keith Masters, a high-class trainer and self-proclaimed Poison specialist. Keith, this is Amicae Schmeltzer, my one and only sister."

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