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As they reached the bottom of the stairs, they came across a younger girl- judging by her voice, the same one Chroma had spoken with earlier, her adopted little sister. Moreover, she seemed to recognize Keith- and from the Casino, of all things. Before she could complete the question, however, Keith heard an excited squeal, and saw its source flying his way. Keith could only chuckle as the excitable Inkay landed on his head. "Hey, I remember this Inkay!" Keith grinned. "Oh, man... Y'know, Chroma, were it not for the PC storage restrictions back then, I actually probably would've kept this little guy."

"Trust me, he ain't lyin'," Meowth added. "Even considerin' his first experience wit Inkay was beyond creepy."

"Yeah, well, not all Inkay are alike, Meowth," Keith stated. "Just like not all Stunfisk are alike. So, Chroma, how's this guy been doing?" he asked.

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