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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Doctor Grossman sat at his desk, meticulously wrapping a bandage around his hand, every now and again undoing the past couple of wraps and rewrapping the cloth to get it a little bit tighter. Noticing Keith approach, the man haphazardly pins the dressing in place and allows the remaining bandaging to dangle for now as he quickly grabs his clipboard from the desk.

"Welcome back, welcome back!" the man shouts and nods, getting up to shake Keith's hand before realizing the state of his own. "Oops, sorry about that," the doctor grins sheepishly, "that Umbreon of yours is a real piece of work. Had to keep her distracted myself so one of my assistants could swap out her egg! Took a bit of my hand in the exchange but I think it was worth it." The doctor unpins the bandage before continuing to wrap up the remainder of the dressing and repin it, waving over a staff member, who promptly runs to the back.

The staff member reappears soon enough, guiding Cyanide back into the building as Doctor Goodman grabs his camera and begins leading the group over to the incubators. A small brown egg with a light cream colored bottom sits in the sole occupied incubator of this section of the building, pictures of Cyanide and Pom displayed on the case. It takes a moment before small cracks start to form on the shell, and the doctor goes complete mad with his camera, entering a picture taking frenzy. The cracking is slow, but after a moment a small hole forms as a piece of the egg falls away, and a small eye peeks out before the section of shell below is kicked through, causing the egg to crack clean open. The small, long eared vulpine sits, staring into the world, a small piece of the brown egg still stuck on its head. Normally the doctor would begin a quick examination at this point, but the stark contrast of color between the egg shell and the fur of the newborn has clearly put the room to shock, a soft white tone where all had expected brown. Doctor Grossman's mouth stretches to a grin that reaches from ear to ear as his camera takes one final click before he leans in close to the Eevee and begins his examination as usual.

"Well, she's certainly not what I had expected, to say the least. A beautiful baby girl." Handing his notes over to Keith he takes a few more pictures. "Just give those a sign and she's yours to take home!"

Keith has hatched a lv.1 shiny female Eevee! She also has the following Egg move:
  • Tickle
Keith gave a small chuckle as Dr. Grossman hastily rethought his handshake, considering the state his hand was in. "Yeah, that's Cyanide for you," he nodded. "I think you can guess why I elected not to pick her up a week ago."

Before long, Keith smiled at the sight of Cyanide. The Umbreon looked relatively pleased to see him, though would occasionally throw threatening glares in Dr. Grossman's direction, as though daring him to give her an excuse to finish what she started. But the Umbreon couldn't stay mad for very long, and it was very obvious why in a minute, as they were all led over to an incubator, the Egg within earning a loving smile from Cyanide the likes of which one rarely gets to see from her.

And as Keith could see, cracks were forming in the shell. Cyanide was beaming with motherly pride as her child started to hatch. The cracks grew larger, until a small hole came to be, a shard of shell falling away to reveal an eye getting its very first peek at the world. And then, the rest of the shell was destroyed by a flurry of kicks. Cyanide beamed even wider as she saw just how feisty her white-furred child- wait a sec. White-furred?

As the Egg fell open, so too did Keith's mouth, for the Eevee sitting before them looking all cute and happy was completely devoid of the usual brown fur for the species. Rather, this Eevee's fur was as white as freshly fallen snow. He knew damn well what an Eevee was at this point, but at this unexpected sight, all he could do was take out his Pokédex and point it at Cyanide's daughter.

"Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. A Normal-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Eevee's genetic code is irregular, enabling evolution into one of eight different forms depending on various stimuli. It does this to adapt to its changing environments. This specimen is Shiny."

Keith was stunned. There was still a remnant of brown eggshell on the Eevee's head, further highlighting the stark contrast between what they expected and what they got. Even the staff was in shock, the sheer unexpectedness of this event keeping them from doing an examination of the newborn. For a moment, anyway- Dr. Grossman quickly proceeded to examine the newborn. Cyanide gave a low Growl, and though none present could understand what she was saying (save for her mate and her daughter, of course), Keith knew she had to be threatening to end Dr. Grossman's life if he hurt her baby. Ultimately a needless threat, of course, Keith knew, and so even with that morbid knowledge, he worried not. And indeed, Dr. Grossman approached Keith, confirming the Eevee as a female (even more of a rarity than they thought, Keith realized, considering the vast majority of Eevee tended to be male), and told him he was free to take her as soon as he signed some papers. And so Keith signed away, while the Shiny Eevee hopped down, meeting her parents for the first time. Hers was a bubbly, energetic, and cheerful personality, Keith could tell right away- she was jumping up and down, licking both her parents' faces.

Finally, Keith finished up with all the signing he had to do, and he was able to kneel down before the family. "May I?" he asked Cyanide. In response, Cyanide gave him a look, and in said look, communicated in no uncertain terms the gruesome fate that would befall Keith should he harm the little one. It also, however, communicated her confidence that said gruesome fate was highly unlikely to befall Keith, one of the few living beings who had her complete trust. And the look Keith gave in turn communicated his acknowledgement of this threat, and his agreement with the confidence that it would ultimately prove needless. After a moment of thoroughly nonverbal communication, Cyanide gave a small smile and nod, and gently nudged her daughter in Keith's direction. And next thing Keith knew, there was a flash of white fur, and he was Tackled to the floor, chuckling uncontrollably as the happy licking of the Shiny Eevee Tickled his face. "Ha ha, OK, wow, alright, yeah, I'm happy to meet you, too!" he smiled. At last, the Shiny allowed Keith to sit up. She sat on his lap, smiling up at him, her white tail wagging happily. "Hello," Keith smiled, stroking the Shiny Eevee's fluffy little head. "I'm Keith, I'm gonna be your Trainer, alright? Now, your mom's a part of my team as well, but your dad has a different Trainer. You won't see him quite as often, but he has my full permission to come and see his daughter whenever he wants," he added, looking over at the Ambipom with a friendly smile and making damn sure Pom could hear this.

Eevee tilted her head. "Ooeee?" she squealed cutely.

"So... What you need now is a nickname, little one," Keith smiled, turning back to the bundle of snowy fluff sitting on his lap. "Cyanide, any ideas?" he added, consulting his Umbreon.

Cyanide smiled and nodded. "Eon. Eon!" she stated.

"...Almost seems too obvious, but my guess is you're actually trying to say 'Eon' there," Keith said. "Geez, really should've brought Meowth for this, shouldn't I have?" he murmured.

Cyanide gave an emphatic nod at Keith's guess. "Umbre. Umbreon. Eon!" she confirmed, nuzzling her daughter. When they returned home, she would have someone translate for Keith, translate why she thought Eon was the perfect name for her little one. She knew that her daughter was destined for greatness, destined to grow up to be amazing, to surpass any Eeveelution known to man or Mankey, no matter what she decided to evolve into, or even if she decided against evolution altogether. In naming her Eon, Cyanide hoped the name would bring her luck, and the power and potential of any and every Eeveelution.

Keith didn't get any of this just yet. Well, not completely- judging by the general Eeveelution naming scheme, he had a vague idea as to where the name Eon came from, though Cyanide's exact reasoning wasn't clear to him just yet. Nevertheless, he smiled and nodded, before turning back to the Shiny Eevee on his lap. "Then Eon it is," he said. "Welcome to the family, little one," he added, producing a Premier Ball from his backpack. Squealing happily, Eon playfully pressed her paw to the button, and was caught instantly. Cyanide, however, tapped the button once more to send Eon right back out again. Keith chuckled at this, raising no objections. After this, all that remained was for Eon to kiss her father goodbye, before climbing up on Cyanide's back to ride the whole way home.

OOC: ...Hooooolyyyyyy craaaaaaaap. I just... I don't even... wh-whaaaat? Uh... I think it's safe to say that whatever I expected, it sure as hell wasn't this. Nevertheless, very happily collecting my Shiny female Eevee with Tickle in a Premier Ball (#2 of 5), naming her Eon, and declaring her Ability to be Adaptability. Oh, and picking up my Umbreon as well, naturally.
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