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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Patches- Still cautious of the situation, you give Rika the go ahead to drink from the pool of water. As the Espeon steadily laps the crystal clear water, you search the room for a broom to sweep up the shards of glass that could potentially harm Rika if she was to step on them. Eventually you find one tucked into an old cupboard but as you turn around to begin sweeping, something strange begins to happen. The shards of glass begin to lift off the ground. By instinct you look to Rika, the Espeon is facing you, here eyes ignited with psychic energy, her tail raised towards the ceiling. Every hair on her body seems to be raised and she appears to have no control of her actions as the glass begins to swirl around you. You can barely keep your eyes on her as the storm of glass intensifies, surprisingly the glass doesn't get close enough to cut you. Suddenly a flash of energy causes the storm to stop, the glass fuses together, trapping you in a stain glass case. You watch as Rika walks out of the room, all she leaves is a trail of wet foot prints behind her.

You pound desperately on the glass but it doesn't even shake, thankfully there was a little room inside the case for you to move freely. Suddenly you hear screeching as a message is scratched into the glass before your eyes.

A power grows to rival ours, test your bond to become our champion and taste power unimaginable. But first you must escape this case for which you need the key.

The glass shimmers and the first passage fades, only to be followed by another which is much more cryptic.

I am not alive, but I grow. I don't have lungs, but I need air. I don't have a mouth, but water kills me.

With Rika possessed by a strange power, it seemed you had no choice but to find your way out of the stain glass case and pursue her. However it seemed like there were greater forces at work here and for some reason you were now a part of their plans.
Patches stands there, broom in hand, watching Rika as the glass shards are lifted and begin to swirl around her. The only thing she is thinking at first is how sweet Rika is for helping. The glass then fuses around her so that now she is trapped inside of a stain glass case. After watching Rika walk out of the room she takes a moment to process. ‘Well I’m glad that Rika helped. I guess I won’t be needing this broom anymore.’ She thinks as she places the broom down, leaning the handle against the corner of the case. Now she begins to look around herself and finally notices that she is now surrounded by glass walls on all sides. “Um, Rika?” She says but of course there is no response. She walks up to one of the walls and pounds on it a bit but it’s clear it isn’t going to budge. ‘Well I suppose I’ll just have to wait here for now. Once Rika realizes she left me behind she’ll come back.’

Once she was prepared to make herself comfortable that’s when a loud screeching sound begins to emanate from the wall in front of her. “A power grows to rival ours, test your bond to become our champion and taste power unimaginable. But first you must escape this case for which you need the key.” Patches reads the words that are written in front of her. At least, she reads some of them and ignores the rest. “I must escape this case? Oh, I get it now! Rika is trying to cheer me up by playing a game! Oh, this is going to be fun!” She is getting very excited now and watches as the words vanish before her eyes and are quickly replaced. “I am not alive, but I grow. I don’t have lungs, but I need air. I don’t have a mouth, but water kills me.” She doesn’t bother reading these yet and reaches into her bag pulling out a pokeball and presses the button releasing a Pikachu. “Hey Mio! Since you and Rika are really close I figured you’d want to play too! Rika is making a game for us right now and we need to find our way out of this case!” She enthusiastically explains the ‘game’ to Mio who is only half listening as she cautiously glances around.

Mio can sense that there is something very off and figures that this is another one of Patches’ misunderstandings. All she feels right now is relief that she was brought out because she can see that she’s going to need to keep an eye on things from here. “Alright Mio. I think the instructions are written right here.” Patches says as she points to the words. Mio climbs up her body and across her arm in order to get a closer look. “I don’t really understand what this thing is trying to say but I really want to see what Rika is going to do next so maybe you should just use a Thunderbolt and see what happens?” After Patches finishes announcing her idea, Mio shudders at the thought of using her electricity in this tiny little box and chooses to ignore Patches. Instead, she runs up her arm and down to her bag, she climbs inside and grabs one of the pokeballs that are inside it herself, releasing Kei the Charmander. “Oh! Hi there Kei! I guess you wanted Kei to play this game too, huh Mio?” Patches is perfectly fine with having more friends to play the game and doesn’t seem to question Mio’s actions. Kei is standing there shaking with fear as he looks around the room through the glass. He is very much not ok with being outside of his pokeball in this place and even attempts to grab his ball out of Mio’s hands in order to return himself but she is too fast and climbs on top of Patches’ head where he can’t reach her. “Pika piii chu chu pika pikachu.” While staying put on top of Patches’ head she seems to be explaining the situation to Kei. After hearing her out, Kei proceeds to turn around while still shaking. He turns his head up toward Mio one last time and lets out a worried “Char?” and Mio just responds with a nod. Kei then takes a few deep breaths before finally doing what Mio told him to do. He quickly cloaks his entire body in flames and then begins to charge full speed toward the glass in order to hit it with a Flame Wheel.

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