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He could have come back a week ago to collect Cyanide, Keith knew. He could have done that. Or, he could have bathed in steak sauce and gone swimming in Carvanha-infested waters. That would have been maybe a bit safer than trying to forcefully remove Cyanide the Umbreon not only from the Ambipom she loved, but also their unborn child. As Keith entered the Hatchery, he vaguely wondered whether any of the employees were fool enough to try such a thing. He supposed the amount of bandages any of them might be sporting would answer that for him- he knew not what kind of a mother Cyanide would be, but judging how intensely she cared for the few things she genuinely liked, he had the feeling there was absolutely no question of removing the Dark-type from her own unhatched offspring. But right now, all he could do was wait. Wait to see how the employees were faring with Cyanide, wait to see how the Umbreon herself as well as her mate were doing, and last but just about as far from least as humanly possible, wait to see how their child was doing.

(OOC: Let's see the little bundle of fluff! )
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