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Round 6:

Recalling Olivia Brave Saix sends out his second pokemon Tatania the Zebstrika

Zebstrika (Electric): Zebstrika are brimming with electrical energy, often releasing small amounts through their mane, causing it to flash brightly. Their mane can be illuminated for a longer period of time, allowing it to illuminate an area much like an Ampharos. Though far less agile than Blitzle, Zebstrika can run at high speeds for a short time, making their speed-based attacks somewhat more effective. When using Agility, they leave a trail of sparks, which do light Electric damage to anything that walks over or stands on them. Any attack they execute with their hooves is 1.2x as powerful.

[Electric]: Electric types are resistant to paralysis inflicted by Electric-type moves, though they may be paralysed as normal by other methods. Electric types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. They have a high degree of control over their Electric type attacks, and as such they will suffer less from attempts to redirect them.
Tatania appears with a flash of light and uses some agility to quickly close the gap between her and her foe, the mighty Zebstrika reers up before cream can react and strikes him twice with Hooves of fighting energy pushing the Lickitung backwards from the force of the attack. However Cream isnt done, extending his tongue out he swings it brutally hitting Tatania dealing some damage to the electric horse.

Cream flew through the 2nd third and now sits at the start of the final third. Both good for two

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Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
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Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
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Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
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It's a starfish.

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I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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