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Keith chuckled as his Smeargle nodded emphatically at the notion of having a plate of her own as well, and nodded once more as Chroma asked for help bringing the plates down. "No problem," Keith replied. "Chromium, you help too," he added to the Smeargle. "And not just your own plate, either," he added sternly. "You can use Vine Whip to carry more than one."

"Smeeear," sighed Chromium, though she obliged nonetheless, grabbing a few plates with her front paws and her vines. Keith also picked up a few plates. Anion was small enough to fit onto a plate herself, so she couldn't exactly be of much help, but Chuck more than picked up the slack by lifting the rest of the plates with Psychic.

"I'd imagine, yeah," Dennis nodded. "Some of my teammates got this move called Gummi Bomb, basically a time bomb that can stick to the opponent. Only thing is, the opponent can get rid of it by making it stick to the Pokémon what used it in the first place, so it's also the kind of move that can backfire. That Weedle I mentioned, she knows the move, and she can use it pretty well- she likes to follow it up with moves like String Shot and Electroweb to make it harder for the opponent to remove it."

At that moment, a girl stumbled out of one of those strange silk domes, needing but a moment to regain balance, before greeting the Pokémon. "Chaaaaboka," Nagini greeted her in return with a polite bow, as much of a bow as one could expect to see from an Arbok. The news that food was on its way was very well-received by the pair of Poison-types.

"All right, food," grinned Dennis. "Keith was actually planning to take us to Pansear Pizza Parlor for dinner, but I'm guessing he decided to use this opportunity for Chromium to practice Teleport after all."

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