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Chroma had no idea what the smeargle was doing to move the piece of bamboo shoot towards her, but it was certainly clear that she was going to try it for herself. A tense couple seconds passed as it floated across the room and into the Chromium's mouth... which in turn spread into a smile. She sighed in relief. "Guess I've got a seal of approval now, huh? I'll make you a plate as well, then!"

She picked up a couple plates when she was done serving them. "Can you guys help me bring them down, then? Please the take the stairs, I'm not sure if the cocoons are particularly good at keeping food from spilling and I don't feel like finding out today."

'That'd be impressive,'
Butternut admitted. 'I'm just not a fan of riskin' havin' my own pumpkins thrown back at me...'

A human girl suddenly stumbled out of one of the silken domes, but was quick to regain her balance. "Oof, I still don't have that exit down..." She turned her attention to the pokemon assembled before her. "Hello, and welcome! I have good news for everyone: food's on its way down as we speak!'

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