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Chromium sniffed at the contents of the wok, her expression unreadable. She eyed the stir fry, almost as though sizing it up. Finally, in what was perhaps a completely unnecessary usage of a move, the Smeargle performed Voodoo Bugaloo. Keith raised an eyebrow at the plush stir fry that was psychically jabbed with a needle, but said nothing as his Smeargle used the move to levitate a little bit of stir fry right into her mouth. For a moment, she chewed it, and then she swallowed it, and then she turned to look at Chroma...

...and a small smile appeared on Chromium's face. "Smeargle!" she declared, her tone of voice decidedly positive.

"Well, looks like Chromium approves," Keith grinned. "Believe me, if she didn't approve, you'd know. So yeah, she'll be wanting a plate as well." Chroma then asked if they'd mind eating downstairs, considering that's where the Pokémon would be at in any case. "I don't mind at all," Keith shook his head.

Dennis chuckled, and even Nagini, ever the prankster in her youth, could not help but give an appreciative laugh at Butternut's joke.

"See, that's something I wouldn't mind knowing how to do," grinned Dennis. "Besides which, knowing Keith, he'd very likely find a way to make that Pumpkin Bomb attack work good in battle."

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